Where and how to find Telecommuting Jobs

By Mr. Work @ Home, Publisher of WorkAtHomeTruth.com

How to search for and find legitimate telecommuting jobs

If you're like most people who've tried to search for legitimate telecommuting jobs, you probably mostly run into scams instead of real telecommuting opportunities. This section is a mix of free and paid resources for finding legitimate telecommuting positions.

Free and fee-based telecommuting job search engines

Before you search the telecommuting job search engines in this section, you may want to consider a couple points.

When you're searching a free telecommuting job search engines one of the most important things you should consider is if and how much employers are paying to post their jobs to the database.

Requiring employers to pay to post their jobs is one way of screening out possible scammers. It's not always the best way, since scammers can make so much money that it can be worth it for them to pay fairly high fees. But it's still better than free databases where employers pay nothing to post their job openings.

This also explains the role of fee-based telecommuting job search engines like HomeJobStop. In this case the job-seeker pays a fee to have people experienced in telecommuting find job openings and screen out the scams. In this situation, the employers don't pay the fee, the job-seeker does, but often the quality of the jobs found can be higher and the risks of running into a scam much lower.

You might liken this set up to Consumer Reports. By having the job-seeker pay the fee instead of the employer, it reduces the incentive for the company that owns the job search engine to accept possibly questionable jobs.

We're not saying that you shouldn't use free job search engines. Many people do perfectly fine using them - especially ones that already have some telecommuting experience under their belt. But if you do, make sure you follow the Rules we've put up. Also, consider using the Telecommuting Tool.

We have a free section listing work at home phone jobs here.

We have a free section listing companies that hire for typing and data entry from home here. There is also a big warning there about how competitive real data entry work from home is. For data entry you're more likely to have success using a site like HomeJobStop but even then the odds are against you, which is why we include Refund instructions should things not pan out.

ODesk is a very large free site that connects remote workers to companies seeking freelancers. Although the site states that it focuses on technology providers, the truth is there are all kinds of positions that get listed through ODesk. You can get a sense of the type of remote work listed here. But since it's free, make sure that you always follow the Rules.

HomeJobStop - affordable fee-based telecommuting jobs database.