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he first thing I've got to say is that the author of this book Sylvie Charrier really knows her stuff.

InYourPJs is written in an informal, simple, personal, having-coffee-with-you-at-her-kitchen-table style - in everyday language. It's down-to-earth and an easy read.

The Contents give you the feeling that she is going to take you by the hand and show you how to do this thing -- I.e., find work at home jobs. And many of you that read InYourPJs are going to discover that there's going to be lots and lots of common sense (which these days really isn't very common) here, and that she's going to show many of you where you've made your mistakes.


You Can Work In Your PJs - Quick Summary

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I got the feeling from the outset that she would leave absolutely nothing to the imagination - and would spell the whole process out, point by point.

At first, when I was really getting into the meat and potatoes of this text, I was feeling that it was a bit beyond most newbies.

However, upon reaching chapters 5 and 6, I began to lighten up a bit. I actually think that maybe it's more a question of organization of material that bothered me.

If you're new to finding work at home positions you may want to read chapters 5 and 6 before reading the rest of InYourPjs.

"Chapter 5: Better Career Options" is worthy of special attention

Chapter 5: Better Career Options, begins on page 169, and I think it's worthy of a little special attention.

It starts with this: "Discover the true talents you never thought you had! This book will help you uncover the skills inside you, and give you solid, PROVEN methods for getting the best jobs in your field. I'm talking about applying those skills to very specific pre-planned services, and THEN locating the right customer who wants your services."

And although I think the title of the chapter is a little vague, I really liked this section ... it offers many ideas that most would never think of, and really is very detailed and loaded with common sense. The step-by-step approach is truly fine-tuned here, and leads the reader through the entire process - from choosing an area of expertise to the equipment, materials and skills that will be needed.

Sell Your Skills Like a PRO -- Where, When and How to Reach Employers

In Chapter 6: "Sell Your Skills Like a PRO - Where, When and How to Reach Employers," the reader is taught exactly that - how one should market oneself to prospective employers. This chapter provides detailed analyses of the most successful techniques for marketing one's services.

I really liked this section, also - loaded with information, tips and ideas that are extremely helpful to anyone trying to land any position. It carefully details points that many job-seekers - particularly those new to telecommuting or finding home jobs - probably would not have even thought were important.

Also, things like the web page design she recommends here, in addition to the web hosting, the internet marketing techniques, etc., really are basic solid, common-sense time-proven methods - like using search engines, discussion boards, link exchanges, articles in newsletters and the like. And she explains them clearly and concisely, and is within the comprehension level of the intermediate or above user.

What's unique about InYourPJs that would be particularly helpful to telecommuters.

It's written in such a friendly, down-to-earth, chatting-over-the-back-fence fashion. There's no hype, no fluff - just good, solid information.

She actually takes you by the hand - whether you're a noob or more advanced - and shows you how and where to look for LEGITIMATE jobs, create effective resumes and cover letters, present yourself to the employer (whether online or in person, in some instances), and even create jobs for your own unique talents and abilities.

There's info here for all levels of technical expertise (as far as stuff like using the internet, HTML, web hosting, etc.). Lots of ideas, hints and tips on how to make yourself noticed - among possibly thousands of other applicants - perhaps giving you the edge you need to reach your prospect and stand out above all other applicants.

I would say, though - particularly for someone who is experienced - that the accompanying work, "You Can Work In Your Pjs: RESOURCE DIRECTORY," might actually be the biggest help. There again, the Table of Contents within allows one to quickly jump to sections of interest. Outlines jobseeker databases, boards, resource sites; telecommuter resume creation and career consulting, learning and education tools, web tools and software, web hosting and site templates, home-based business ideas, modified links referenced in the e-book - and lots, lots more.

Recommended way to use InYourPjs

InYourPJs is not for anyone in a hurry - take your time! To get the most benefit from this book, one really should take the time to read and apply all that she recommends, front to back - without skipping anything. Sylvie Charrier's advice is sound, solid and loaded with common sense. Other than what I mentioned at the outset of this review, InYourPJs is actually organized very well, and the Table of Contents is very descriptive about what each chapter consists of.

However, I think that if someone is in a hurry ("I GOTTA have work...NOW!"), that if they were to first go S-L-O-W-L-Y and thoughtfully through the Contents, and then cherry-pick what they think applies to their immediate situation - they should be able to glean enough information to fulfill their individual needs.

Yes, it's a BIG book, but it doesn't take that long to scan through the whole thing. I would highly recommend that the reader absorb ALL that it has to offer - start to finish. There is no bad advice here, and even the most competent, advanced telecommuter stands to benefit greatly.

What I like about InYourPJs

Resume and cover letter writing section is excellent
The resume and cover letter writing section is especially Valuable for Newbies and it include some terrific Templates for cover letters, resumes, etc. This is a huge help to anyone serious about finding work at home jobs.

Three different styles of cover letter are demonstrated - each geared toward highlighting different strengths of the applicant. There are also separate cover letters for bookkeepers and clerical/research.

This book really does give you the insider information on how to get work at home jobs than you can handle
If all you've done to date is go through lists of potential work at home jobs, I recommend you think seriously about the following quotation from InYourPJs that states the purpose of this book:

"This book has been organized to help you get straight to the point. We want to see you working from home as quickly as possible, but more importantly, we want to make sure you will be well-trained to work from home forever. This eBook is not a list of old and outdated work at home jobs. We're going to get right down to the basics and talk about strategy...the real strategies that real telecommuters are using every day to not only get a work at home job, but to keep getting more work than they can handle!"

Software & Tutorial recommendations
Links are provided to locations where recommended software can be obtained. Some of the tutorials are also available in the free interactive tutorials section.

Unbelievably comprehensive
Looks like she is addressing all major telework categories - Unbelievably comprehensive.

Offers valuable insight about landing telecommuting positions from an employer's perspective
Since the author of InYourPjs herself is an employer, she provides valuable information, insights and examples from an employer's point of view.

Provides excellent step-by-step guidance in most cases
Although there are a few places where InYourPJs falls short on this, for the most part it offers excellent step-by-step approaches.

Brings in experts where needed
In subjects where she is not expert, Sylvie Charrier (the author) brings in somebody who is to address the area. Lots of the links lead to things like that, so the main manuscript is not clogged with volumes and volumes of unnecessary commentaries and critiques.

Reveals pitfalls, traps, and money-wasters
She warns about pitfalls and bad things to watch out for all along the way. She also tells you specifically which things NOT to waste your money on - like some of the available internet tools, etc., offering sane alternatives.

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What I Didn't like about InYourPJs

Some "Must-Haves" are not "Musts"
I think that some of the things she recommends as "MUSTs" are either beyond the comprehension level of or are inappropriate for people new to telecommuting. In fact, people new to finding work at home positions may feel unnecessarily discouraged, overwhelmed and/or confused by the large list of "MUST-HAVE" software recommended.

Things like FTP files, websites and domains, HTML, and in particular this statement: "Trust me, if you don't have a website, you're killing your chances of getting the work you deserve!" In my opinion, these are all things that are very likely to unnecessarily intimidate people newer to telecommuting.

And while it's true that it will be quite helpful to eventually have a website, you're not doomed from the start if you don't have one and you can always invest your initial telecommuting profits into having someone else build a website for you if you don't feel like taking on learning how to build one yourself.

I also think (and I do feel strongly about this) that some of the things she recommends as "MUSTs" are completely out of the question for people on a shoestring type of budget - no matter what their level of internet expertise happens to be.

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