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Disclosure Policy for WorkAtHomeTruth.com

This policy is valid from 12 March 2009

WorkAtHomeTruth.com is a combination of unique content written by Paul Schlegel, submitted articles, and guest blog posts.

  • Disclosure regarding reviews at WorkAtHomeTruth
  • Getting Refunds on Products at WorkAtHomeTruth
  • Disclosure regarding advertising
  • Disclosure regarding reviews at WorkAtHomeTruth

    I take the excellent reputation I've built for myself and WorkAtHomeTruth.com very seriously - a reputation that has been built by honestly evaluating the merits of particular product based on my extensive interaction with users of the WorkAtHomeTruth website and extensive knowledge of running home businesses and online businesses. In otherwords I do not and will not jeapordize this reputation "just to make a buck".

    Reviews you see on WorkAtHomeTruth.com are best described as "Independent Broker Reviews" which means I gauge how suitable a particular product is based on our knowledge of WorkAtHomeTruth visitors and subscribers - which is mostly determined by ME - Paul Schlegel - founder of WorkAtHomeTruth.com.

    If I review a product and find it is suitable for the type of person that visits WorkAtHomeTruth.com or subscribes to the WorkAtHomeTruth newsletter and they purchase a product (or sometimes request additional information) Reverse The Web, LLC (my company that owns WorkAtHomeTruth) sometimes is paid a commission.

    However, there are MANY products I recommend where Reverse The Web, LLC does NOT get compensated even though it easily COULD. This typically happens when I believe someone can offer you more value through a special bonus they offer for purchasing through their affiliate link.

    When reviewing products I look at them in terms of the philosophy outlined in Bootstrapping Your Business which focuses on low-cost, low-risk ways to start businesses from home while getting the support needed to succeed with the product.

    So, HOW do I know how suitable a product is? It's a combination of:

    1. My extensive experience in online marketing.
    2. The fact that I PERSONALLY interact with WorkAtHomeTruth visitors and subscribers. In other words I PERSONALLY answer emails, blog posts, and even phone calls sometimes. If you have any doubts about that feel free to review the following:
    • Sample blog discussions at WorkAtHomeTruth
    • Send a question via the Contact Form (you will typically receive an answer within 48 hours or less)

    Since WorkAtHomeTruth does Independent Broker Reviews you can expect to see affiliate links in certain parts of the site. However:

    • It's important to understand that I COULD make a killing promoting shady, unscrupulous products and offers, but I do NOT. For example I COULD make a killing promoting deceptive free trial offers that pay as much as $35.00/trial but HIDE their monthly charges - but I do NOT. When reviewing products I look at them in terms of the philosophy outlined in Bootstrapping Your Business which focuses on low-cost, low-risk ways to start businesses from home.
    • I also recommend Free Home Business Sites to get free training and Free Home Job Sites that typically provide free job leads or valuable information once I am convinced that the owners of the sites run their business ethically.
    • In other words, the compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made on this site.

    Getting refunds on products recommended by WorkAtHomeTruth.com

    Unlike MOST online sites - especially in the "home business" or "work at home" area WorkAtHomeTruth goes the extra step to provide explicit Refund Instructions and provides Contact Forms throughout the site which can be used should you have any issue with any product or service recommended at WorkAtHomeTruth (you will typically receive an answer within 48 hours or less).

    Disclosure regarding advertising displayed at WorkAtHomeTruth

    All advertising is specifically labeled as advertising (i.e. "Ads by Google"). Most of the advertising displayed at WorkAtHomeTruth is automatically displayed algorithmically based on the content of the pages from such systems as Google Adwords, Kontera, and similar services. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to control WHAT advertising shows up on the site.