Who I am and how I find my recommended work at home opportunities

By Mr. Work @ Home, Publisher of WorkAtHomeTruth.com

Who I Am

I currently make my living full time from my internet based businesses, in the past I have done fraud investigation, computer programming, and even a little jazz piano on the side.

Because of the work I did investigating fraud schemes, I am able to take that experience and apply to analyzing business opportunities and work at home plans.

Sometimes, I'll find that an opportunity is clearly fraudulent. Other times, I may find that the opportunity isn't necessarily fraudulent, but the person selling the opportunity leaves out critical information about either how hard the work is, or how much knowledge is really required to succeed.

Because I have a technical background in computer programming and also have a cadre of technically sophisticated friends, there are many technical ways I am able to analyze facts about an opportunity that the average person (and even many sophisticated technonerds) are not aware of.

The Right Way To Earn Income From Home

Although many promoters of envelope stuffing schemes claim that their program is "guaranteed to work", often when consumers try to get refunds after realizing they've been scammed, they are rarely able to do so.

A better way to earn income from home...

In fact, there are some very legitimate ways you can make money from home. And I have found a few good eggs who lay out in a step-by-step fashion exactly how to make these moneymaking systems work...

...I just launched a new work at home newsletter/alert system to help you get through the confusing maze of work at home opportunities. If you want to avoid the thousands of "work at home" scams online and find the legitimate opportunities that work then I urge you to click here for a FREE subscription to my highly acclaimed "work at home newsletter/alert" system...

To Your Success,

Mr. Work@Home

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