Push Button Cash Site review of sales tactics

I started doing this Push Button Cash Site review of its sales tactics because of my new interest in the sales tactics used in recent launches. The sales letter itself was so misleading and bizarre that I ended up creating the following equally strange Push Button Cash Site review video  (A more standard review of the sales tactics is below the video).

The sales page goes a long way to tell you what the product is, but of course never tries to explain what the “magic, secret, whiz-bang” software/system is. Not only that, but it uses the typical dubious claim of only have “x numbers of a certain piece of software left” when it states:

“Now, I know you might hate reading this, but you have to make this decision fast, because I’m forced allow this software to be downloaded by only 200 people. ”

The Internet Will Disappear Soon!

The Internet Will Disappear Soon!

It’s the typical sales letter that tries to suck in people by claiming they can “push a button and make tons of money”. If you want to keep believing in fairy dust and magic secrets then fine. But what I’ve tried to do over the years is put up videos such as the video here which actually explains what it REALLY takes to make money online…and it’s NOT a secret AND it’s not a $37 piece of software that claims to make tons ocash from a Push button Clash Site – review that last statement very carefully!

Push Button Cash Site will only cost you $47 + a few hundred more dollars.

I don’t have a problem with upsells that are reasonable. But don’t you wonder why “Daniel Young”, the “owner” of Push Button Cash site is paying people up to $263 per sale to sell his Push Button Cash Site product? Take a look at his page where he’s recruiting people to sell his software:

Push Button Cash Site paying people up to $263 to sell its software

Push Button Cash Site paying people up to $263 to sell its software

So what does that page mean for you? It means that he expects YOU to spend up to $438.33 on his $47 product by trying to get you to buy more and more “stuff” to help you succeed.

But wait a minute…doesn’t he claim he claim in his sales letter that he used the exact same $47 software to make $2,428,749.88 dollars in 24 months? I mean, if he’s telling truth that he made $2,428,749.88 with his $47 software, why would you need to pay for anything else?

According to Don & Jeremy’s Push Button Cash Site review he wants you to play for plenty more in order to be “successful” with his amazing “can’t miss” push button software. But here’s something even more interesting that someone who bought the software said:

“It adds a “powered by” link to the footer of your site which is not good at all since Auto generated content is totally against Google’s TOS.”

If you’re wondering if that’s true, then you may want to read what Google itself has to say about auto-generated content:

Google will take action against domains that try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other auto-generated pages that don’t add any value to users.

Now, there are rare cases where auto-generated content does add value – the popular TechMeme site is such an example:

“Techmeme uses an algorithm to order stories by importance, which depends on several factors that include the number of links to the story’s web page and how old the story is. “Anti-gaming” efforts have been made to lower the effect that a high number of links can have on a story if the links were created in a short period of time, or by a small number of people.”

In other words, Techmeme is actually providing a potentially valuable service for certain type of users. It’s not just scraping content from other sites and posting them to a new site.

Push Button Cash Site customer support problems

I’ve also seen several people complaining about the lack of support at Push Button Cash Site. Even people saying the software didn’t even work when they bought it and tried to use it with certain hosting companies.  Maybe that’s been fixed maybe it hasn’t. I’d love to hear your own experience with Push Button Cash Site – you can share them below. But, please do NOT place links in the comments.

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  1. Philip C. says:

    Wow. Not much to say. Too busy laughing my a$$ off. What rubbish. Who the “hey” would buy this? Then again, Barnum did have a point.

  2. Jeff B. Harmon says:


    Great job with your “bizarre” video. I’m a filmmaker so I know what work it takes to create something eye-catching. If you’ve got the time, you should do this more often! Recognized “Cat & the Canary” with Laura La Planche. Is that available on public domain?

    Best Wishes,

    Jeff B. Harmon

  3. Love the video and soundtrack! Very creative. Are you sure you’re in the right profession?!!

    Your creation is worth more than Push Button Crap Site!

  4. Dang excellent video, you have really upped your game there. i wont even ask how long it took you to do that.

  5. Hi Paul:

    I like the video as well, but one has to wonder (or at least I have to wonder) if this software is so horrible, and has an over-bloated sales pitch, why is it so prominently displayed on the right side of the main account page of users Clickbank account? Isn’t that just like saying Clickbank itself endorses the use of it?

    By the way, the comments are cool about the video, but not one person has anything to say about whether or not they had purchased and tested this software, so I myself and still left wondering if there is any credibility to it.

    Just my opinion, of course.


    • Thanks, Dave

      That’s purchased advertising space. Although, ClickBank has supported and even provided posts from marketers that have used incredibly questionable marketing techniques in the past. Right now they hold up Adam Horwitz as a mobile marketing expert. I even got caught up in it a bit and recommended his basic course here: Local Mobile Monopoly review. It wasn’t a completely horrible call on my part, because at least I told people not to buy the upsells. But it wasn’t my best recommendation either. The more I learned about mobile marketing, the more I realized how little Adam actually knows about it and how much he is overcharging the local business consultants for solutions in that area. Of course, he also never delivered the support he promised and instead decided to charge people $97/month for it.

      But the key point of all of this is that ClickBank holds him out to be a mobile marketing expert!

      To ClickBank’s credit they have been taking steps to clean up their marketplace in general from a lot of the shadier marketing tactics that have been used in the past.

      • Thanks, Paul:

        Just an aside, it really pisses me off a great deal to listen to all these guys who say things like “the gurus are lying to you”, when they themselves ARE just like those gurus they are supposedly warning you about! I see this this happening all the time!

        I have been trying to break into the lucrative (supposedly) affiliate marketing ‘circle’ that is Clickbank.com for a LONG time, and just recently (last month) made my very first sale through them. However, I didn’t even get a notice; does Clickbank not send notices when you make an affiliate sale?

        I’m sorry if this is a bit off topic, but again, this Push Button Cash Site thing is exactly like every other $37-$67 piece of crap software that these ‘gurus’ are trying to push off on people! Is there no way to police this type of activity? It makes it incredibly difficult, and virtually impossible for guys like myself to make any money at all as affiliates of Clickbank; guys who want to keep their marketing practices on a level, and not get sucked into the rat-race of unethical marketing.


  6. Hey Paul:

    Yup, I got sucked in by that ATM video, as well; I bought the software, and it was completely useless :( It’s a good thing, probably that I didn’t go for the ‘upsell’, right? LOL

    The upsell is another danger to watch out for with these ‘guru’s'; just another cheesy attempt at getting just a bit more out of their customers’ pockets!

  7. My husband has ask DANIEL YOUNG FOR HIS MONEY AND WE STILL DO NOT HAVE IT. And that was 3 weeks ago. He wants his money now.

    • Karen,

      If he ordered from within the past 60 days, he should be able to get a refund from ClickBank directly by following the instructions at this page:
      How to get ClickBank refunds

      If that’s not possibly, I would strongly urge your husband to file a FRAUD dispute with his credit card company. The dispute procedures are usually located on the back of the billing statement. If he paid with a debit card he’ll need to discuss with the bank.

  8. Thanks Paul,
    Very creative and very useful video, you helped me not to spend my money on such a crap product. Thanks again.

  9. Paul,
    It seems a lot of the so called guru’s have sold their souls of late. I cannot tell you the list’s I have un-subscribed to in the last few months, of supposedly solid marketers pushing this sort of push button crap.
    On the plus side my inbox is a lot easier to get through nowadays.

    Eric Holmlund did a similar video not so long ago and Mark Thompson as well. 2 guys also worth listening to.
    Thanks for your diligence in flagging this crap up to a wider audience.

  10. I’m thinking the WordPress Robot 3 plug-in would work better than the Push Button Cash software. It’s still a little pricey at $170 (versus the $197 Push Button upsell) but it would allow you to autoblog and you wouldn’t have to deal with some cheesy, rip-off “guru.” Any thoughts?

  11. Most of those sales pages do not explain exactly what is the product about, it will make you suspect if it work at all. If some one really have a good tool or product he will have the caurage to offer a demo or a free trail

  12. With this review you are talking about hundreds of sales pages on Clickbank and other affiliate networks, now they all know it will not work any more and all trying the new method of making videos as the sales page

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