Blogging to the Bank review by Eagle Research & Associates

Note: I have received a notice from YouTube about videos on this page:

“We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from Rob Benwell claiming that this material is infringing”

YouTube automatically took the videos down and this post wouldn’t make any sense anymore without the videos. I was going to look into the specific allegation, but it turns out that I won’t need to…

New Blogging To The Bank Warning At Eagle Research Associates

I’ve just been notified that Eagle Research Associates, Inc. has posted a warning about Blogging To The Bank here:

Click Here For The Blogging To The Bank Warning At Eagle Research Associates

Eagle Research Associates is a non-profit organization run by Lynn Edgington who works with an Assigned Federal Agent from the Secret Service, Assigned U.S. Postal Inspectors, along with other U.S. & Non-U.S.  law enforcement agencies he isn’t allowed to disclose at this time.

Other warnings:

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  1. I had been paying attention to you. I am well aware and avoiding this blogging to the bank like the plague, his advertisements are everywhere on the web.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Maryann Britz says:

    Every where I turn I see that name.How they got my private email address, i dont know, as I send all this type of stuff to my yahoo. kinda filters the crap.Thanks for the tip off’s.

  3. So, how do those of us that got suckered into buying blogging to the bank get support to help or cancel the account? I’ve been submitting support tickets for 3 weeks now and no one has responded and I keep getting charged. No phone number on the site, no way to contact other than the link that no one responds to.

    • I think you’re only hope is to try to get it taken care of through ClickBank.

      You can find their customer service form here:

      If that doesn’t work you’ll need to file a dispute with your credit card company or your bank.

      • You need to go to your credit card company ASAP.
        I made the mistake of going through clickbank to try to get a refund. They ask the vendor, do you want to refund the money. He said no, so they said no.

        I will not buy from anyone who sells on clickbank anymore as they have lousy customer service and when I tried selling on clickbank was not satisfied with them either. They treat the big dogs, very different from the smaller ones.

        • Harlank,

          That’s never been my experience at all. ClickBank is actually quite famous for having a great refund policy. In fact many marketers don’t like ClickBank because they actually make it so EASY for people to refund.

          Now if you asked for a refund after the 60 day guarantee period, I can see that happening. Otherwise, what you’re saying doesn’t match up at all with ClickBank’s general reputation for providing hassle-free refunds.

        • When I buy stuff like online, I use a prepaid debit card from WalMart ($6 + $3 per load fee).
          I load it with sufficient money before I buy the product or service, then reload when I need it. I keep it low (<$5) so if I can monitor all the "monthlies".

          When a monthly / partial charge comes in, I'll get an "insufficient funds" message. (No fee.)
          * If I choose to keep the service, I'll reload and redo the transaction. No harm. No foul.
          * If I choose to cancel the transaction, I send them a "stop billing me; card will have no money" message.
          * Once I get the "Transaction Cancelled" message from Clickbank, I can safely reload.

          With such a small fee and easy terms, it's not hard to maintain multiple cards. If a shyster "ruins" a card by not releasing the transaction, like this guy seems to, you can simply cut the card and use another one. When the "insufficient fund" message comes in on a good product, give them the new number and keep going.

          DON'T USE A CARD TIED TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Such a card should only be used for "essential services" that you don't want interrupted like electricity, phone, utilities, etc. Online marketers (honest and otherwise) should be kept at arm's length at all times because of the "otherwise".


          • That is excellent advice!!! I have used my debit card online, and occasionally still due, however, approx. ever six months I call my bank, discover, etc. and report the cards stolen, so that I get new cards with new numbers without any fees, my belief is, is that it will cut down on any potential credit card info./identity theft.

          • Hello Tesla Falcon,

            I agree totally with what you have said ,i use Paypal and i can cancel my payment and get a refund now (about to do).

            I am so glad to see the review, stupid me got sucked in as well i never even received a email with Logon details after numerous requests to their so called support!

            I live Australia and my advice is “While in Rome do as the Romans do” so i use Paypal a secure method of payment without giving your Credit card details. I try a scam and utilize the 30 or 60 day money back for what ever its worth , download what ever is free and cancel transaction . Only Use secure payments for your Country.


    • Blogging to the bank has ripped me off more than 1000$ and never done anything to respond to my emails and tried to hide their supportmail too. They held my company domain hostage for a year and I HAVE AS OF NOW ONLY RECIEVED THREE MONTHS PAYED BACK in fees WHEN I should have more than a years worth. they didn´t even put commercials on my blog!!! as they promised to. there are no kind words for people like that.

    • Ron Herron says:

      Ron Herron…………Clickbank call live at 800-390-6035

    • Get your money back through clickbank! Put in a refund ticket

  4. Yeh and guess what! I’m so sick of all his other products he emails me about and I can’t even unsubscribe as there is no link when I click on unsubscribe. It just says update my subscription details. Update! I just want to stop all his emails. I’m suprised at Getresponse though. I thought they were better than that. So it looks like I will have to suck it up and continue deleting them.

    Great review as usual Paul – keep them coming……….

  5. You’ve only got to listen to his voice to put you off! He sounds completely unprofessional and suspect.

  6. I wish I would have seen this a while ago. I have purchased to of Rob’s made for me blogs. I think 2nd one was called Premium blog. Anyway, i’ve not gotten any blog made for me. Support did answer finally. Apologizing for the long wait, but gave the clickbank link to get a refund. I will pay no attention to anything with Ron Benwell’s name in it any more.

  7. Hi, thanks for pointing some of these things out. What really bothers me is that there are some other marketers (who seem to be fairly well known – at least I recognise the names) who also endorse the product, either on the sales page or on their list. So much of Internet Marketing seems to be fake – in fact some of the ones that “warn” about “lame products” and “deceitful gurus” are the very ones that are the worst offenders.

    • I think one of the big problems is that so many marketers now use subject lines like “Warning” or “Is product x a scam?” as a marketing gimmick so sometimes you can’t even trust the warnings – which is why I actually take time to DOCUMENT why I’m putting out a warning.

  8. Can you believe Blogging to the Bank 2011 has got a gravity of 297 on Clickbank and yet it’s only just been released? Some poor people have been sucked in but at least they can get a refund through Clickbank if they need to. Rob Benwell must be making loads of money – at least until the problems come to light. We’ll see!

  9. Good work Paul. My jaw dropped when I received an email from a well known marketer promoting this product today. Welcome to 2005.

  10. I advise anyone whos been scammed for money to simply get a new creditcard from the bank. That way, the scammer can nolonger steal money from ones account, since the creditcard details have changed and are now unknown to the scammer. At least that is the way it´s done where I come from (Denmark).

    If one suspects phishing or the like, avoid using internetbanking for a while and get a filter to warn of the most probable phishing sites.

    The people who do all of this scamming will pay very severely later on over karma which happens to come back to people faster and faster these days as we apporach the beginning of the New Age of the Satya Yuga (New Golden Age), where Capitalism will be dead and replaced by a more fair worldwide financial system. Cheating others is hugely evil, and is paid back accordingly to the culprits regardless of what they believe in. Karma always works. Hope this brings relief to some who have been scammed, like myself, many times.

    • Death of capitalism with a “more fair worldwide financial system”?

      There are only 2 financial systems out there: capitalism (by whatever name) and communism (by whatever name). How is it that communism (everyone equally poor and serving the elite who are “more equal”) “more fair” than capitalism (“if you don’t work, you don’t eat”)?

      Maybe Shakespeare did say it best in Hamlet, “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark”.

      From what I understand about Karma, you may be right. MOF, it’s happening right now. By spreading the truth, Mr. Benwell’s credibility is dropping and will eventually come back to bite him completely. If enough complaints are given to ClickBank about his misbehavior, his products could be completely de-listed from their site. If the big marketers are willing to step up and offer a similar “Benwell Warning” page, then it wouldn’t take long before the “Blogging to the Bank Review” comes up with a solid front page of “DON’T BUY INTO THIS SCAM!” instead of just fake warnings and affiliate links.

  11. you know he’s not a fraud. he must be earning a lot of money… by scamming people!

    that’s his secret apparently :D

    whenever i read any of these get rich fast ideas, i always abide by the motto “if it sounds too good to be true, it must not be true”. i did a google search on blog to the bank and poof, first page of search – i get your site. good work mate!

    • Thanks Arjun,

      Probably a good idea to see who’s promoting Blogging To The Bank so you can avoid them as well. :-)

      I should point out that as far as I can tell Kim Roach and Yaro Starak are NOT recommending Blogging To The Bank anymore. It appears that when Rob Benwell launched the first edition of Blogging To The Bank he had a decent reputation and even a decent product. From that he got a lot of good reviews from reputable reviewers – and after all of THOSE reviews were in place he then started using the kind of extremely questionable sales tactics that you see in Blogging To The Bank 2011.

  12. Thank you for pointing out these facts.

    When I heard about this product I was wondering why someone who makes millions will actually try and help others.

    Apparently he asks $397 to build a blog for you and within a week the money will be flowing in.

    However other people have said that support from his side is useless.

    So I would suggest people ignore this rubbish and move on.

    Thank you for this honest and fantastic review.

  13. I am not a fan of all of the cheezy offers that Rob Benwell sends out but the Blogging to the Bank product has been an eye opener for me. I didn’t go for the upsells. I just took the base product and work it step-by-step. I am having success myself. Not a million dollars but I can pay for hosting. That makes up for the $37 I spent on the product.

    • I bought the product but have not received a confirmation or access to the product. Wish I had read all of this first!! Keep up the good work.

  14. Being the busy people they are, I wonder just how thoroughly these “big names” vetted Rob and his product before giving their generic endorsement. Notice that they aren’t warning against him, just trying to flush the association.

    The “stay positive” mantra only goes so far. When everyone is “awesomely talented”, it kinda makes me feel “awfully untalented”. For once, I’d like to meet an “average and mediocre marketer” who’s got potential but hasn’t exploded yet. I want to get in contact with people who are just starting out, don’t have a clue, and are trying to figure out what’s going on. Why not “live feedback” of a poor marketing website rather than just the case study of a successful one.

    Tyrone Shum and Pat Flynn did a “niche website duel” last fall. It had so much potential. The problem was they were totally silent when I needed them to be open and communicative. They went 2-3 weeks without a single update. I wanted to hear their “brain dump” as they thought through the challenge and options, why they chose X vs Y, and how to determine strengths and weaknesses. I have 100s of interests and skills, but there doesn’t seem to be anything online that matches my interests that’s open for business. They’re either non-commercial or overly competitive. In the “overly competitive”, I’m trying to figure out how to find the golden nuggets and keyword research, but this is taking forever on my little netbook.

    • Tesla,

      That’s actually something I suggest to people quite a bit – to find other people with your experience level and some with a bit more experience and swap notes about what’s working and not working for you. I STILL do that after 11 years of having sites online.

      • I appreciate your thorough review which included real “facts” rather than the “scam hype” a lot of wilting violets out there shout about. Their reasons usually include “BIG, bold headlines”, “too good to be true money claims”, and “it scares me”.

        I’ve been online since 1995. Glad to finally find you.

  15. Thanks for the honest review Paul. This is really too bad, as one of the older versions of BTTB helped get me started online. I was going to recommend a friend check it out – but definitely won’t now!

  16. Sasha Grasa says:


    Thanks Paul for putting up this site! I was chcecking out ways to make money online with blogging when I came across the BTTB site. Seeing as how some of the other making money sites didn’t pan out for me in the past as they seemed to be scams, I looked to see if anyone had reviewed the BTTB site, and I came across this great site!

    I was also wondering if you had any information on Kim Roach, as you mentioned that she was a good person to buy products from. Can you do a similar ‘profile’ of any of her making money sites, and rate it like you did BTTB? I’m really looking to make some money online, and with all the scams and half-truths that marketers are putting out there, I don’t want to be taken for a ‘ride’ like I was almost taken in by BTTB. Thanks!

    • Hi Sasha,

      Kim’s products are usually geared more towards intermediate marketers, and it sounds like you’re more of a beginner.
      For example, this is her Traffic Dashboard, but it’s geared more towards people who already have a business.

      A good place to look might be here:
      real money making ideas where I list several OTHER sites that I find reliable that do reviews of products. Finding good reviews is actually really hard.

      • Sasha Grasa says:

        Hi Paul,

        Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll look into the site you mentioned. I know that some people that have been responding to this site have mentioned that they have had problems with Click Bank, and it has been my experience that Click Bank actually does a great job of refunding people’s money if they are not satisfied with a product that a person has paid for. Someone also mentioned that when they tried to get a refund for one of the products (it might have been the BTTB business), the person refused them their refund. I would like to know how can a person refuse to refund a person’s money when right on the Click Bank site it says that if you are not satisfied with a purchase mad through them, they would give you your money back? I thought that Click Bank was similar to Paypal, in that if you are not satisfied with a purchase, you could get your money back, or at the very least, dispute the purchase amount through Click Bank? Thanks!

        • I agree. ClickBank’s refund policy is excellent.

          I believe they do allow some vendors to set up a canned response to the initial refund request – I just learned of that recently.
          But that’s rare and even so, if the person just requests the refund after getting a canned response there shouldn’t be any problem.

          I’ve only seen one site that ever did that – and ClickBank actually shut that site out of their system!

  17. Hi Paul,
    Congrats you’ve made in into “Blogging Quotes To Live By” over at Bloggers You’re at the bottom, but hey, we all have to start somewhere!

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could make it over to my site as soon as possible and provide your comments on my two posts concerning Rob.

    The first is this weeks post titled: “People Are Waiting … For The Next Big Thing”.

    The second is titled: “The (REAL) Truth About Bloggers Payday”. Written in “Jeffrey’s Corner” on Nov.2, 2010. You can quickly find this post by entering “Rob Benwell” in my sites “Search” engine.

    I apologize for not providing the hyper-links within this comment. However, I lose too many of my comments with links to the spam systems.

    Your post here speaks volumes for those who are interested in earning an income from home.

  18. Hi Paul,

    I’m a Malaysian. I got an email (I get almost 100 emails daily) from a reputable marketer a few days ago promoting blogging to the bank 2011. As a newbie trying to explore IM, I got scammed a few times in the past. But now I know what to do once I receive a sales page. So I landed on your review with regard to Rob Benwell’s product. (Most reviews are business oriented in nature).

    I would say, your review is very courageous, honest and could save many unsuspecting newbies like me falling prey to rotten gurus. I do appreciate your caring attitude. I’ve also read your comments in warrior forum and I find that IM and genuine marketers do exist but people still get scammed every now and then. How do we stop this and why do reputable marketers willingly promote garbage? Rotten gurus shouldn’t be in Clickbank.

  19. Great website warning people of BLOGGING TO THE BANK. To bad I ran into it too late and bought the worthless info. I guess I can add to all the worthless scams I bought.

  20. Thanks for this information Paul. I always look for reviews on these types of offers before taking the plunge. I guess I can’t get a premium blog for $24.95 complete with hosting, posts, monitization and updates to make $9K/month:( Guess I’m back to plugging away at my own blog. Slow and steady should win the race. It’s a great idea if someone actually could do it for us…lol — Paul?:)

    • Yep, building a blog with high quality content will win for the long-haul every time. Looks like you have a good start at your site. In your case, since you already have a site going, you might want to pick up a free copy of SEOFastStart. Niche Blitzkrieg is also inexpensive and could be helpful as well – especially since there is a full community forum of people working the same type of process you would be.

  21. Hi to all , and a great thanks on this comment page, i was looking up blogging to the bank reviews , and i came here , very interesting and i will look further in to this product and take it down from my blog , thanks once again ,
    greetings to all .nicolo

  22. Thanks for posting this article. I nearly got taken by this one but wanted to check it out first. The promises seem too good to be true and I was certainly glad to find an honest posting!

  23. Hi Paul,

    I’m so glad that this page appeared when I searched for “blogging to the bank”. I’ve got an e-book from rob benwell (forgot what it’s called), and from it I learned that he told us that we could use “as seen on” on our sales pages even though in reality we only bought a tiny ad or classified ad in a magazine. That’s a no no…

  24. Thank you, Paul!
    Again and again.

    I saw their ad in ClickBank and wanted to check this scam. Always look on your site.
    Thank you for Eagle Research Associates article link!

    Shame on ClickBank for allowing such ads. Most ads on ClickBank are scam.

  25. Thank goodness I’ve smartend up a bit and read the reviews. I ALMOST did it.

    Thank you

  26. Well. Guess who got caught. Dot CON is more like it.

  27. Thank you guys so much for all this information. I am so glad I decided to do a search on Blogging To The bank before pushing that button.

    These are the intuitive answers you get from deep within when you pray and ask your Guide to help you make the right business and personal decisions, and form relationships with the right individuals and business. I recommend that everyone do pray for this once or twice a day. You will be amazed at the result.s.

    With thanks and gratitude,


  28. It is all too easy to get sucked in these days and companies like blogging to the bank really do need to be put out of business. Good for us all to find this information on the site to stay well away from these rogue traders!

    Thanks very much!

  29. Thanks Paul.

    Almost made the move with ‘Bloggingtothebank’, but as alwasys, did the research with your website and sure enough, there it was. Always, always, do the reserch.

    Many Thanks

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