Karen James Home Income Kit Warning

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have come across the Karen James Home Income Kit, you probably already are regretting what you’ve done. Here are some things the rest of you need to know:

The Home-Income-Kit.com site allegedly by Karen James appears to be run by the same people who ran the notorious Paid To Place scam. You cans see that in the image below:

Home Income Kit - Paid To Place Connection


So if you want to know what’s going to happen AFTER you buy the Karen James Home Income Kit, I highly suggest you check out all of the comments and complaints from the people about Paid To Place here.

Just who is Karen James?

Karen James has the uncanny ability to be everywhere at once – something that many stock photos such as Karen James have in common. Here are just a few of the hundreds of places you might find her hanging around at any time…(note, the other sites shown below are NOT scams as far as I know)

Karen James is everywhere!

 Karen James Is Not Only Multi-Dimensional – She’s Multi-Directional!

Lest you think Karen James can only face to the left, let me set that straight right now…

Home Income Kit Karen James To The Right

The Karen James Work At Home Secret! ;-)

I think Karen James’ work at home secret, like many of the fake people before her promoting questionable opportunities is that she was hanging around in her doctors office! Bingo! Success!

Home Income Kit Karen James

Final (And Most Important) Warning

Any time you see a bonus which reads something like “Your free one-on-one consultation with a success advisor (Value: $150)…” RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY FAST.

That so-called bonus is almost always a gimmick to get you to talk to a high-pressure, hard-sell sales person who’s only goal is to extract as much money as possible out of your wallet, credit card, and bank account. It’s all scripted – and it’s all scripted to take as much money as possible out of your pocket!


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