Home Working Connection Review Of Red Flags

I was just notified that another product called Home Income Surge is now operating under the name of Home Working Connection. The following video would seem to indicate that as well:

Most of the usual red flags are here at Home Working Connection, such as the arrow pointing to the order form “above the fold” of many browser, with the pricing information underneat the arrow. By the way, if you missed the pricing information at the HomeWorkingConnection.com site, it was as follows:

“To access your website, a nominal charge of $1.95 USD is needed for us to know that you are a real person. Upon payment, you’ll receive instant access to your very own website for a 5-day trial-enrollment. After your trial-enrollment expires, in order to keep your website active and available on the internet, you agree that your card will be charged $29.95 per month for hosting and maintenance. There are no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. You may cancel anytime simply by calling our office toll-free at (888) 613-2498.”

Of course there’s the mandatory fake countdown timer Home Working Connection which you can reset by simply refreshing your browser.

There is currently another site called Online Profit Masters that appears to be somehow connected to HomeWorkingConnection.

There are two testimonials on the front page:

One from “Barry M.” claiming he made $120,000 in his first six months. The second from “Marybeth W.” claiming she made $10,000 within her first 3 months.

Apparently HomeWorkingConnection.com didn’t “get the memo” from the FTC about user of testimonials which states:

“The use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances.”

What’s even more bizarre is that HomeWorkingConnection states on the page where they PUT those testimonials:

“Photos used in this advertisement are not of the actual testimonial individuals and personal earnings claims of any type are strictly against our policy. Results shown should be considered exceptional as results will vary according to each individual’s own effort and commitment to their business.”

So, if “earnings claims of any type are strictly against” policy…then why are they DIRECTLY on the page where HomeWorkingConnection.com has that disclaimer?

And why is that verbiage in brown print on a brown background which you can see below:

Home Working Connection brown on brown disclaimer

Home Working Connection brown on brown disclaimer

Here’s that same text highlighted:

HomeWorkingConnection.com highlighted disclaimer

HomeWorkingConnection.com highlighted disclaimer

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  1. Paul Barkley says:

    Yes, I got caught, but not too badly. I signed up for the $1.95 on 22 August. I received an e-mail with username and password on 24 August and a phone call the same day. I asked him to call the following day (which he did). In the meantime I researched on sites such as this, and eventually found out what the “business opportunity” (selling products as an affiliate) was. This was not what I had expected as the advert only said “part time working from home”; nothing about setting up your own business, and I could not see how their offer was going to be profitable for me. The hosting and maintenance fee for the necessary website is very expensive at $29.95 (£18.63 GBP) per month. I have a website which allows me to add and customise as many pages as I want for a monthly hosting fee of £9.99 ($16.48 USD).

    Also it was clear that their business practice was dubious (multiple names and the story of the single mum (Kelly Richards) whose location depends upon where you are (in my case she was in London making £4987 per month part time), but she has also been spotted in Australia and elsewhere) made me very dubious.

    I phoned the bank and cancelled the card. The $1.95 had been paid (that’s life!), but I was able to stop any further payments being taken. I sent the company an e-mail to tell them, and on 25 August I got an e-mail confirming that my account had been closed.

    So the moral is, if you sign up and don’t want to continue make sure you contact the card company and cancel the card.

    • glad to see websites like this.. at the moment kelly richards is in auckland, new zealand…. she gets around alot.. lol.. thanks guys, you saved my bacon :)

      • Today Kelly Richards is a single mum from toronto. The article appears in an American News Paper? A little odd I’d say. It might have appeared half legitimate if they had had the sense to make it appear in a Canadian paper. Not too many Canadians are looking into American publications to find work.
        I do feel bad for the people who do fall for this. I’ve been doing surveys on the internet for years and it takes me a couple of months to earn $50.

    • Can anyone give me the email or website address of this scam company, i too have fallen foul of this company and paid my 1.95usd on tuesday if this week, i have contacted my bank who have informed me that any money taken out against my authorisation will be returned, but i am keen to email the company to cancel my account but am having trouble finding them in a search…

    • OMG! I also signed up on 30th October and I felt something wrong with this company. I didn’t know that is a scam company until now. I canceled on my account on 6th Nov, and I were charged $29.95.
      I’ve just contacted to my bank but they also informed me that I need an e-mail from that company to confirm for refund my money. I called that company, then met a female consultant. She asked me several stupid questions like what is you credit card No. to check my purchase. I refused to answer and ask a refund. She agreed and said it will take 15 days to receive the money back. I asked why does it take long time and asked her sent me an e-mail to confirm that with the bank. She said she will. but…I’m afraid I can’t do anything and also worry about security of my information they had before. I don’t know what should I do now?
      I have no ideal how Paul Barkley can contact to them through e-mail.
      That’s a bullshit company! And I always remember a value lesson for me!

      • I contacted to them and they sent me 2 messages on the website (Back Office) 2 days ago, which informed me they canceled my account and will refund my money. But until now I still sign in that account.
        Is there anybody used to be canceled your account? What happened after you received their e-mail for canceling account?

    • Hi Meiji

      Can you give me the email address that you used because I can’t find any sign of it and there is no contact page on the site.

      I have cancelled the card payment but wanted to send them an email as well,

      thanks a lot,


    • claire marcoux says:

      Thank you Paul!!! We are lucky to have people like you to discover those who are trying to make a profit out of us who are in need of an extra income. Thanks again…no thanks a MILLION$$$$.

    • hi i really thank u for what you wrote s what i been looking for got same problem as you got,i better hurry up and call the bank n ask them to stop this websites,what i thought was different

  2. Darren Lawson says:

    I had the same thing, i signed up stupidly, 99 percent of the time if i see something i do a quick google check to see what the site is about and if its fake, i got misled by the daily telegraph newspaper article, and figured since it was written in a newspaper article, it is probably legit, and i didnt do my normal checks myself in google, until after i paid the $1.95, and seen what it was all about, i just cancelled my card today to stop any further payments, if all i lose is a couple of dollars, i dont care, its a cheap price to pay for giving me a kick up the bum for being an idiot.

  3. Hi my name is Luke and I’m a 24yr old full-time single dad. I’m really struggling at the moment to get any income for me and my son. Being put out for so long makes it so hard to get back in an am desperately lookin for someone to give me a chance at something. I only have my phone to use the internet on at the moment so that makes it harder again. Am very interested in finding out if this is the job to give me cash flow. Please let me know. Thanks Luke

    • Luke,

      This page is a warning page about Home Working Connection.

      Even with a good product, it would be incredibly hard to work on anything just with your phone.

    • Where do u live Luke?

    • Hello Luke,

      I know that it has been a few months since you posted your comment but, I just came across your comment. I would suggest trying to find a network marketing business if you would like to work from home. Make sure that you find a business that is not a pyramid scheme. There are many great network marketing businesses out there. Do a lot of research and you want to talk to the person on the phone or in person before jumping into a work from home opportunity. For example; I have a healthy chocolate business with Xocai Healthy Chocolate. A real business is not a get rich quick scheme and requires a lot of work but, there are great businesses out there. Good Luck on your job search. If you have any questions please let me know.

      Best of Luck in the new year,

  4. So is there anyone who used Home working Connection and recieved a paycheck? It looked like a scam as soon as I tried clicking on other links in the news article, but it just kept bringing back to the sign up page. Does anyone know of a website that is legit. Im a single mother of two and the cost of child care is crazy. I would love to find a stay at home job, thats do-able.

    • I got caught once and never again. Now, I just buy stuff from garage sales, clean them up and get my brother to sell them on eBay. I make a bit ofmoney that way. Soon, I will sell my stuff myself. Other good items are books that you buy from liquidation sales and then resell them on eBay.

    • Very glad this exists !!!!!!!!!!
      Was almost sucked in but thought id investigate further and very lucky i stumbled across these posts. ! thank you EVERYONE !

      agree with your comments is there really a safe work at home site without all the costs????????
      anyone using one??

      thanks again

    • If you are really looking at working from home to pay your bills, he bets way would be to open your own Blog (google for the best affordable ones) and if you are good at something say like Cooking/Baking and you have time to experiment with new recipes, then use your blog to publish your successful recipes (No plagiarism here please). Ensure you add advertising apps/thirdparty widgets like AdSense etc on to your blog page.

      Publicise your blog with the help of your friends/relatives. There always takers for new quick and easy recipes with a lot of people always on the lookout online. I am one myself. These ad applications will help your raise money, a penny at a time, and over time with more traffic on your blog this will reap huge rewards.

      I have known many middle class homemakers making $$ through this internet medium entrepreneurship with their talents as capital. You can also make more $$ by putting up home videos of your recipes (with instructions and process) on Youtube by creating your own channel. You can see videos on Youtube with more than 1 million hits popping our ads which can also be used to make money.

      Google about adSense and other wigets which will give you better informtion.

  5. So what is the entire site about? As I understand it, once you sign up, they give you access to a hosting where you maintain a website? And on this website you resell products they supply? How do you find customers? OR let’s put it this way, what exactly should you do once you sign up? Spam people into visiting your site? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  6. for stay at home parents- you can always sign up to those paid for surveys sites. You just give them your details (fill out your profile when you sign up) and then you answer surveys about products, services etc. There ARE scammers of these too, BUT-There are some legitimate ones and although they don’t pay much, if you need some more dollars you can make a bit of extra pocket money if you sign up for a few of them. The ones that I have found ARE legitimate (that is, they HAVE paid me) are Pureprofile, MyOpinions, RewardsCentral, YourOpinion, Surveyhead, ValuedOpinions, MySurveyAustralia and a few more )google them for yourself. Most pay either direct to your bank account, into a Paypal account (you can set one up easily) or with gift cards to places where you probably already shop anyway. All of the ones I named HAVE paid me already (for instance, I have recieved six $20 gift cards from ValuedOpinions in as many months. Not a lot, but it’s not a lot of time invested and if you join several groups it just gives you extra money for not that much effort). Hope this helps, Robin

  7. My take is that all of those income testimonials come from the people who run the show ~ from what I’ve read above, quite a lot of people are happy to part with at least $2 without question. It sounds like a covert ‘pyramid scheme’ where the founding group just rake it in $2 at a time multiplied by how many respondents? Bazzio, Sydney Australia > > Best wishes to all those like myself who are struggling in the urban jungle and finding that only wolves offer help ;0)

  8. Thank God I decided to check the reviews on that website just now as I was so tempted.
    I work part time and have been finding it tough to get a full time job. I was so tempted today when I got the email alert in my junk box advertising.
    What attracted me was the fact that it was just under £2 to activate and that you get a 5day trial where you could cancel if you liked.
    I was encouraged by actually being able to speak to someone for more info on the free number given but gave up when I got an international call by some customer rep. whose tone of voice I found to be very pressurizing. I am already very doubtful of such sites and the pressure I sensed to pay the initial charge right then over the phone put me off completely at least for now.

  9. My first and only red flag was when during payment the VISA Test card number was accepted with absolutely random CVV ;)

  10. ,,Home Working Connection,,like most of these “Work At Home Scams” is just that,,a SCAM,,,if it were that easy,,half the world would be working from home ,in their Boxer Short’s,-and T-Shirts,( or Nighties if you’re Female) HERE’S SOME ADVISE:Try signing up over the phone,Get Names and Employee Numbers,,,Use as I do,, a “Pre-Paid” Mastercard,,I have a $10.00 limit on mine, if I need more to purchase ANY internet Products,I simply go to Money Mart ahead of time, and load my card,with the EXCACT AMOUNT ,,,after the cash is spent,they can try all they like to “Bilk” it,,it wont work,AND it carries NO personal information.,,to good to be true ,usually is,, it’s sad that they prey on people,simply looking to help their Families .

  11. Funny how you try leaving a comment on that article it doesnt allow it!!! I wrote if only life was this great everyone would be doing it, but they didn’t approve of my comment! No wonder all the comments on that article are the good ones!! They are making stupid money for doing nothing!! 1000 people sign up that’s 1k in their pocket!

  12. Right now Kelly Richardsis living in Denmark making 30.000 danish kroners a month ;-)

  13. I clicked on this link from Facebook which I find a little disturbing! I would have thought facebook wouldn’t be encouraging these kinds of websites? Sad really, I guess all they are thinking of is the $$ at the end of the day but I would have thought a giant such as them wouldn’t need to rely on this kind of advertising for increasing their profits!

    The advert implies on facebook that all you would be doing is some kind of typing:

    Can you type? If so, you may qualify for an online work from home position. Computer required..

    That’s so misleading….

    • I clicked on it from Facebook out of curiousity and for the same reason as you Caro. I have now reported it as scam.

      If you want a cheap website in the UK for your business try Yola.com which have partnered with Getting British Business Online to come up with a rather neat deal.

    • David Peters says:

      Kelly Richards has been spotted working in Stowmarket in the UK.
      As for Facebook comments, people that display thier lives, and personal activities on Facebook are sad individuals who will fall for any crap. Really who wants to know you had fish and chips for your tea, or you got a pimple on your arse. Facebook Twitter, Really! Get a life!

  14. Kelly Richards has been spotted in Norway :)
    Stay away people!!!!

  15. Dave Richardson says:

    Google is great for things like this. I was curious though I must admit. If its too good to be true 99% of the time it is. I dont like those odds. I completed the first page, admittedly I entered false details and when it went to the second page asking for CC details, $1.95 charge and a monthly charge of $29.95 I smiled and thought yip, here we go…. was too good to be true. Then I googled the site and ended up here.

    Greed got the better of me, again lol.

  16. Quite scary that facebook would accept such an advert. Be a lot of money for Mrs Richards. She has to be raking it in, spotted climbing off a cruise ship in Auckland. Those things are not cheap!

  17. Kelly sends greetings from Sweden:
    “Kelly Richards from Stockholm is a regular mum who lost her job last year, after an unsuccessful job hunt she started working online. I interviewed her about her amazing story and she revealed her steps for success.”

    Let’s all “Hide” the ads on Facebook and click on the “Misleading” option. This is just not on!!

  18. Maybe Kelly Richards earns so much that she can afford moving around the world :-)
    Maybe we are missing something great here!!

    But i doubt it :-)

  19. Lyn Wilmsey says:

    Great Idea for a new boardgame instead of “where’s Wally?” change it to “where’s Kelly?” :O) I knew she was to good to be true earning all that money! Internet seem to specialise in scammers and Porn!!

  20. I just took a look at this from the link on Facebook as well. It’s is worrying that through there article in a trusted paper and the link on the Facebook site that to someone trusting they could look like they are authentic.
    I have reported it as a scam as well. If everyone keeps reporting it as a scam then Facebook will have to look into it properly.

  21. Kelly Richards also lives in Toronto, Canada … she must be making so much money that she can afford homes around the world!

  22. Sydney Mari says:

    Thank you for this website … It saved me from going through more hassle. I got enough of that going on right now…

  23. thanks everyone!! if something is too good to be true theb it prolly is.
    just aout fell for it. rang the number they gave and the lady couldnt answer my questions. ring and said she couldnt tell me any thing about the company and will pass my name and phone number on as she works for many companies. but when i asked if i had an account and wanted to cancell it she could do that. full of shit scammers. i got the add of facebook and thought it might be ligit but nah just another scam

  24. I came across Kelly on facebook and curiously I followed the link and provided details up to the point where it asked for my card details. It was at that point that I decided to do bit of homework on the company before going any further. Within couple of hours I received a phone call from Dave/Daniel their representative, asking what was my reason for not completing the form. I politely informed him that I preferred to make my own independent research on the legitimacy of their firm before giving my account details. He was very disappointed naturally:-).
    Thank you guys, you’re information has helped a great deal. $1.95 may not sound like much but when when thousands of us fill pay it out it does mount up.

  25. kirstenkimberlee says:

    Kelly is in Melbourne Australia!

  26. I came across an ad on Facebook with “earn $95p/hr” or something along those lines. I clicked on it and it took me to a news article about Kelly and how easily successful she is using Home Working Connection. I went to their website and immediately opened a new window and typed in “Home Working Connection Scam” to check if it was legit. Then I came across this page. Thanks for saving me time and money!

    • I too followed the Facebook link, and have now received 2 phone calls over the last 24hours by Dave who has done the hard sell on me. He asked why i didnt enter my card details and i said i didnt feel comfortable entering them into a website i was not familiar with so his answer was for me to give my details over the phone instead (which i refused thank god). He told me the company was safe becuase the worked in affilliation with amazon.com. I am so increadibly greatful that i have stumble upon this forum – Thank you everyone for saving my behind. Sydney, Australia

  27. Kelly is in Dublin and making £4,000 – £6,000 per month..

    Good money if you can get it…

    Think I’ll give it a miss !

  28. Kelly is in Jersey Channel Islands – wow she really does get around doesn’t she! I do feel sorry for the poor suckers who don’t have alarm bells ringing straight away. Maybe I’m too cynical – i don’t think there is anywhere you could earn actual money on the internet.

  29. Saw the ad on facebook and with our current financial situation was tempted to give it a go, filled in the details then stopped at the $1.95 set up and canceled, within a day I had a phone call asking why I didn’t complete the form, he said I was missing an oppurtunity of a life time, I said no for the third time when he got narky and said I was making a mistake, so I thanked him for confirming his business was a scam, he the abruptly hung up, didn’t even thank me for my time how rude :-)

  30. Post Kelly’s whereabouts to the FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wheres-Kelly/302512816444358

  31. simon glick says:

    Remember guys behind every scheme is a schemer, they is no easy way to make money (unless of course you run your own scam)

  32. In New Zealand there is an email address of daviesandpartners.co.nz and a phone number of 0800 452 364

  33. Oh. Here she is in Oslo, earning “up to 500 $ a day”. Amazing. :-)
    Glad I found your site. Thanks.

  34. Can anyone tell me how to get out of this? I walked right into it, via facebook. (Damn you facebook)

    I can’t find an e-mail adress for these guys…

  35. Thank go for this. I knew something was fishy the moment I read that all testimonials/photo’s/proof of earnings were not allowed. But did a little extra homework and I found this. I only hope that this gets out and stops many other victims falling for this crock scam.

  36. I began to fill out the form. and had typed in everything but did not press confirm. i googled the site while i waited. and then i found this one =) So i just closed the site. But he has some kind of logging on the site. And 30 minutes after some guy calls me from +6027725030. Asking me why i did not complete the form. The bad thing here is that he has my visa number ? What to do ?
    And by the way Kelly is just spotted in Oslo :p

  37. It is worrying that so many fall for this stuff. The only reason the so called “Kelly” has earned 30,000 a month is because of all those who have paid 1.95:) The best way to make money online is to create a blog or something like that and promote the clothing or other articles people are interested in. Then you have an opportunity to create advertising revenue.

  38. I nearly got sucked in after reading a pop up website story from ‘Lisa’. It was truly moving and sounded so convincing – with photos of a cheque from Google and of her and her family (definitely fake – from current perspective). I filled up the form but didn’t type anything on the payment page. At that time, it just struck me that I may be doing something stupid so I didn’t proceed. However, very early the following day, a lady claiming to be from home working connection called and asked why i didn’t fill up the whole form, i told her i changed my mind. She hung up. Two days later, a guy from the same company called. He asked the same questions. He said a lot of things. Very pushy. i told him about the conversation i had with the lady two days ago and he completely ignored what was trying to say! I told him my husband didn’t really like the idea and we agreed to not join. He cut in and said ‘Go and grab your card, and give me the details now! – let us set up your website so we can stop wasting time now and start making money!.’ How rude! Shouldn’t this scammer be a nicer person when he’s persuading someone? I hung up and that’s the end of my ever thoughts of making money from internet! I thank the creator of this website to let people like us write out our experiences so we can warn others about these scammers. They do not deserve to have a single cent from any of us, let alone $1.95!

  39. They are advertising on Facebook – one ad goes direct to

    Another goes to a Facebook page then via a redirect to a fake news site [times-inside.com] and then ends up at:

    Compare the testimonials on the two pages above – completely different pictures for the same names! (Barry M New York and Marybeth W Asbury)

    The company behind it is this one (OHN / Online Hosting Network) :


    The are in Arizona and use a variety of DBA names including Elite World Systems, OHN (Online Hosting Network), Fox Business Solutions, Net Consulting Co, Net Co Admin, UWC Corp/ Universal web consulting and others.

  40. Thanks to this webite, I found it before I pay any amount. Found something not right on the second page for a payment before you not even know what this business about…thus I searched through google and found this useful information — really it was another scam on internet.

  41. Got Scammed says:

    Currently heavily advertising again on Facebook. “Earn $97 per hour part time, typing from home” – Same links as above just different Co. Names. – All out of exact same address in Arizona. USA.You’re sold a ‘BACK OFFICE’ to enable you to build a website linking to Amazon.com products. Which you have to sell. Despite Kelly saying “I have nothing to buy or sell!” – SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.
    Dynamix7 is the latest shopfront for these B**tards that I have researched
    Clever links to Amazon, very internet savvy & professional looking. Preying on those that are not
    This is not a bash of Amazon. Just the scammers that know how to use links.


    • Just saw your comment about Home Working Connection accidently went to the blog spam folder. Thx for the info.


      They have changed their name to:


      In last 24 hours

      • Thanks for the update!

        Do you know the website for the new one?

        • Got Scammed says:

          Updated link to HOME NETWORKING CONNECTION – Now direct to:

          http://www.bestonlinecashtoday .com/

          [Note from Admin/Paul: I made the link non-clickable]

          • Thanks. I’m just changing the link so people don’t accidently click on it. But if someone wants to put it in their address bar they can. Just did some quick research. Looks like this new domain may reveal more about the company behind these sites.

          • H Paul

            I am also heavily researching the background issues here.
            On principal not on how much money I ‘invested’

            Most linked sites hide behind Proxy’s served by Go Daddy *disclaimer applies
            ‘Whois’ and and’ Host tracker’ make very interesting reading.

          • Great. I’ll post whatever I find out here.

          • There is another version of it called HomeWorkingCash.com – I have the paid version of domaintools.com which stores whois history records. So, if privacy protect wasn’t put on the domain right away, sometimes it’s possible to get a clue to the person/company behind the site/s that way.

          • Got Scammed says:

            Hi Paul.

            Kelly Richards is promoting:’Earn Income at Home’ in Australia today.


            They’re so fast with the changes it’s hard to keep up!

            I know you’ll investigate yet another Work from Home Scam

          • Hi Paul

            Kelly Richards currently promoting ‘HERBALIFE’ in Australia

            Same “Earn $97 per hour part time, typing from home” with “Nothing to buy or sell”….Blah Blah….

            Generic Scam “News page” just the internal link has changed.

            I thought the Herbalife scam had died many years ago. Seems it’s raising it’s ugly head again!

          • Got Scammed says:

            Update Paul:

            They have reverted back to HOME WORKING CONNECTION!?

            It’s like a game of Hide & Seek with these Scammers!
            Not that I mind chasing them!

            Possibly the bad rep that Herbalife has/had.?

            Or thy were making more money from the gullible general public with this promotion?

          • I think it’s more likely that they are running multiple websites concurrently.

          • Got Scammed says:

            Hi Paul

            This new link currently leads to Genesisonlineconsulting.com……..

            Aw- No more Dynamix7? – Shame

            Link below interesting info!

            All Company leads back to OHN and Universal Web Hosting. + other scammers
            Where’s Forrest in all this? – Living in a mansion I would imagine!


          • Hey, I’ve been sick past couple days, but am back now.

            Aha. OHN was mentioned here before – that goes WAY back. I was surprised that they were still around.

            Looks like you hit the motherload on that IP. Here are more of the sites listed on that IP:


            According to DomainTools IP Address history changes, those sites were moved from to

            The following sites are still hosted on

            Prior to that many or possibly all of the sites were on

            Here are the ones that are still hosted on that IP:


          • Someone just posted a link to their site warning about Genesis Consulting in another discussion
            Here’s their site:

            Here’s the discussion they posted in:
            My Income Connection review of red flags

          • Little more searching leads to this:


            *Atjeu are the ‘Hostting Company’ ????

    • There’s a new site now called At Home Cash Today. I’m working on the write up now. OHN is at the same address as Traffic Designs which is listed as the registrant for some of the sites – as well as World Market Systems.

  42. Thanks for this, i was just about to sign up but as always i have to go around to see if any red flags about these websites on google and waaahhhhhlahhh:):). saved me some burger.

  43. Thank you guys – You have really saved me alot of hassle from what I am reading – I have had 2 phone calls in the last 24hours by a very pushy Dave after I followed the facebook advertisment.

  44. so im the next one who fell for it and paid 1,99 dollars :( guess need to cancell my card tomorrow? im really struggling with money, was trying to pay my uni fees, do you think cancelling my credit card is enough to do? they keep calling me even from States, how embarrassing :(

  45. SCAM…. sign up for $1.95, get access to back office to make your own website (links to amazon) 5 days later charged $29.95 to maintain website. Received numerous phone calls from blocked number. Eventually spoke to Cliff Messer from dynamix7 for over 30 minutes listening to sales speak and trying to encourage me to sign up to a training package that would help me develop the website. Ultimate program $6k, Deluxe $5k, Std $3.5k and budget $2k. I called customer service and cancelled my account, Claudia said thiswould be done ASAP and no other charges would be made to my card. I have just cncelled said card with bank just in case…. Note to self: Dont be so bloody stupid next time……

    • Got Scammed says:

      Will – I got scammed by exactly the same person CLIFF MESSER at Dynamix7 –

      He seems to have no conscious:

      There is a page on record that he was suing OHN in for ‘unpaid wages’ Karma??

      Bells rang as soon as Training Packages and $$’s came up.

      I have been involved personally with ‘Training in Media’ for the past 30+ years, so I do have experience in this field.

      Sadly fell for SCAM as well – Cost me $38AU but it’s been more fun chasing them around the web for the past 30 days!

  46. I thought it might be legit but too good to be true…so I Googled it and found this forum. Sure enough, the old adage held true. The charming “mom” is indeed alive and well in the Toronto area. Its amazing what copying someones logo (I will report the copyright infringement to them next) will do to make it look legitimate. Also in this area the name they used was roberthalf.uk.co, the first part of which is a big totally legit recruiting firm for professionals. The worst part to me is that I found the link for these guys on Facebook! I have reported them to FB so it will be interesting to see what they do with it. Well their ad did say “as seen on TV”, they just didn’t say that it was mostly likely investigative reporters telling the world that they are a scam! CNNMoney actually did run a story about working at home jobs and what to look for in scams. Most likely the other news orgs that have their logo’s shown also ran similar stories, hence their claim about being seen on TV. So in the end this “company” mirrored an old Clint Eastwood flim and went from “The Good” from adverstising on FB, to “The Bad” as found here to be a scam, and lastly “The Ugly” which is what it will turn to when they get hit with copyright infringement. Thanks to Paul and everyone else for telling it like it is.

  47. I also thought this a great opportunity but descided to google it beforehand and thank god I found this site. On closer inspection i found this disclaimer right at the bottom of the site…..

    It is important to note that this site and the stories depicted above is to be used as an illustrative example of what some individuals have achieved with this/these products. This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this blog, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. This blog, and the results mentioned on this blog, although achievable for some, are not to be construed as the results that you may achieve on the same routine. I UNDERSTAND

  48. Well, facebook has this mob on there all the time. I clicked on the page, went to their website and asked questions. When I hit submit, a comment came up , thank you for your comment, it is being reviewed. i doubt very much they will publish it because I asked them questions like: Why do all the statements have peoples first names – usually alot of people have a nickname. I stated, if something is too good to be true, it usually is, and went on. As I say I doubt they will publish the comment. Kelly was in town too. What do they take us for!?

  49. Jerry mentioned on sept 27 post that he uses a ‘prepaid card’. Fantastic advice. I have been using a prepaid card for the last three years for any and all Internet marketing marketing purchases. There was no way I was going to risk my cc on any of these ‘make money at home products’, especially when I was new with not a clue. I have not wasted a single dollar on any scam in the three years since I started looking into making money online and I am quite proud of that.
    Another dead giveaway that this could be a scam that literally no-one has ever mentioned anywhere at all in any respect is the fact that she is using two first names. One of the biggest red flags that I personally look out for is just that – Two first names. I have, currently in my internet marketing marketing email almost a quarter million emails and I can’t even begin to count the number of first name-first name emails I get. Another dead giveaway that something is not right is the fact that many fake testimonials will be from first names only, as mentioned above in an earlier post – no nicknames or ‘handles’, The names are non-clickable (who leaves a comment anymore without dropping a link) and in many cases they are all names of absolutely no ethnic diversity.
    ‘My bologna has a first name it’s K-E-L-L-Y, my bologna has another first name it’s R-I-C-H-A-R-D-S'(I know it doesn’t really fit). Oh I can’t stand to see it every day, and if you ask me why I’ll say, Cuz Kelly Richards has a way with gettin round the world in a day’. How’s that? Btw she is in Toronto.

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