My Income Connection review of red flags (AVOID)

There are many different versions of My Income Connection. The My Income Connection review of red flags covered here also uses the name Automated Cash Income System.

I HIGHLY recommend you AVOID My Income Connection and that you watch the following video which is My Income Connection review of it’s red flags to understand why:

I’ve also explained the My Income Connection red flags below the video so you can identify them fast.

My Income ConnectionRed Flag #1)

You should be aware that My Income Connection is making use of a template that MANY very questionable business opportunity sites have used over the past year or so.

My Income Connection Red Flag #2)

My Income Connection uses the logos of:

  • CNN
  • People
  • Time

However, there’s no explanation of why those logos are there. It’s quite possible they want people to believe that those media outlets some endorse (they don’t). But, if you look way at the bottom of the page you’ll see the following disclaimer in the MyIncomeConnection footer area:

“Automated Cash Income System is not associated with CNN, People and TIME”

My Income Connection Red Flag #3)

The version of Automated Cash Income System uses non-clickable security seals and non-clickable trust seals which makes those trust and security seals COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS

The trust and security seals My Income Connection is invalidly displaying are:

  • Verisign
  • McAfee Secure

Any security expert will warn you that a NON-CLICKABLE trust seal can’t be trusted!

MyIncome Connection Red Flag #4)

My Income Connection uses TWO large arrow sections that points to the order section and BLOCK the information below it which is the information about what you’ll be charged.

I highly recommend you AVOID My Income Connection based on the above red-flags.

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  1. Hello,

    Just wanted to thank you for all the effort and time you are taking to analyze all those suspicious web sites. It looks that often these web sites are using similar web templates. This leads to a conclusion that they often use the same web provider (or web developer). Too bad that these developers are using they skills to develop web sites that will seduce people. I wonder is there anything (some authority or organization) that can ban these web sites? Is there someone that can remove their domain names fromthe DNS index?


  2. Can the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) do anything about these scamming sites?

  3. i would just like to thank you for you insight and information about these dodgy sites i could have really gotten myself into a hole if the likes of yourself wasnt there investergating these untrustworthy site again thank you x

  4. This scam is currently advertising on Facebook: (screenshot)

    The ad says:

    Part Time Jobs
    Can you type? Get paid working from home part time. Requirements: Computer

    When you click on the ad you don’t go to you go to a fake news website: From the links on there you get taken to:

    Further research reveals that the myincomeconnection website is owned by Genesis Consulting Group | 3116 S Mill Ave Suite 212 | Tempe, AZ 85282
    1 (888) 230-9941 / 0808 234-3438

    A report on rip-off report reveals that this is just another company offering high priced coaching to “help” you set up a very basic affiliate website (which is unlikely to make you any money) as well as over-priced web-hosting at $19.95 per month:

    That poor guy paid $2000 for “coaching” on how to create a crappy affiliate website which is unlikely to earn him anything.

    These people should be locked up for taking advantage of peoples lack of knowledge in order to rip them off.

    • Ouch! Did you see this part of the complaint:

      I feel that the man at Genesis I spoke to on December 10th was stringing me along when he told me building the business takes time and it would take about 30,000 visitors.

      That’s completely meaningless as you and I well know – since everything depends on how targeted the visitors are and the conversion process at the destination pages.

  5. Wow i was actually going to sign up for this until i SAW THIS. Thanks

  6. Unfortunately, I just signed up to a free 5-day-trial with My Income Connection, which I came across on Facebook. When I read this, I sent in a cancelation request that same day, but I’m still scared, because they have my bank details. They say I have to wait for someone to ring me in the next day or two, to approve my cancelation request.
    Is there any chance they can charge you if you cancel within the 5 day trial?

    • Do you have documentation to prove you sent in the cancelation request? I have no idea why they would need someone to “ring you” – that doesn’t make any sense.

      • Hi,
        I too saw this on FB. I wasn’t sure abt that and couldn’t find out any info on < href="/?go=" target='new'> which I usually check on.. and aft that I just entered my address and phone number to see what happen next (silly me didn’t put an incorrect address and number) but when I see that they are charging some fee monthly on my card, I exit from it. Even for that I couldn’t just close the window once. When I was gonna close the window, there came a pop-up window,offering some other bonus offers.. :D
        anyway I am worried since they have my address, email and the phone number.. will it be a problem for me? Pls lemme no.


    • I set up the 5 day trial, I am currently phoning them to cancel. I’ve been on hold for 8 mins and have previously left 2 voice mails with no returned calls. I’m now worried that they will charge me the monthly fee which I can’t afford to pay.
      I have just got through, the lady I spoke to was very nice. She cancelled it there and then and also gave me a reference number. I will however be checking my bank to make sure they don’t take anything out and if they do I will report it as fraud.


  8. My god, nearly signed up for this. Thank you for exposing them.

  9. I am putting in a formal complaint to Facebook. That’s how I found “My Income Connection” — followed a paid link from Facebook which brought me to this pyramid scheme.

  10. I just about signed up for this “My income connection” today because my horoscope said I couldn’t be scared to go out of the normal for me. Being in a pinch financially right better than being in a scam..thanks..think I’ll stick to making my money the old fashion way! No more looking …I wasn’t looking get rich..just an honest way to make extra…man how these people can put a twist on a scam to make it seem so real..thanks again for exposing the truth…so for me ..nada never never again!

  11. Thanks everybody for creating this awareness and saved numbers of people from trouble and losing their money in scams. I was close to sign up for this.

  12. Thank you so much – saw this ad on Facebook and nearly got sucked into it as well. So glad that I didnt. You are worth your weight in gold. This could have crippled me for sure financially.

  13. I am currently using My income connection. I just wanted to say that if you read into My Income Connection online using google search, you will find about 2 bad articles on them. This is one of them. I have found about 13 or so articles about the page that are insightful and have lots of good reviews. I had my site up 2 days through M.I.C. and wasn’t even finished adding the content to it, and had one customer. I cant say any more about what i am paid because of my contract, but i will tell you that despite the crappy sign up page the site is real and you do get what you pay for. I have a site running now, the link is above… It was very easy and costs just as much monthly as you would signing up with other BIG company’s that provide websites for customers. But believe what you want… after all this is just my opinion.

    • Matthew,

      I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but since your site is a subdomain off of their site (or somebody else’s site) then you have put your business in an extremely dangerous position. There are several problems with that set up:

      1. You don’t control the domain and if they shut off that domain, your site is gone.
      2. They could decide to kick you off with no explanation (I’d have to see your contract with them).
      3. Even if you do move your site to your own domain, you have no way to do 301 redirects which would pass important link juice to your site from any existing links you had going to your subdomain on their site.
      4. You’ve lost the ability to control numerous aspects of your site imortantp for ranking purposes.
      5. If another person has a subdomain on that site and that person engages in questionable search engine optimization practices, the entire site could get penalized – including your portion of it (if you don’t think that a site can get penalized, consider the recent J.C. Penneys debacle as reported in the Wall Street Journal.
      6. There are numerous other problems with the site, especially in light of the recent Google Panda/Farmers update.

      One thing to keep in mind, is that the “sale” you experienced could possibly be an instance of “salting the mine”. I’m not saying that it necessarily was…but it’s an old mining scam trick in which small pieces of gold were blasted into the walls of a mine to make a bogus mine look appealing for potential investors.

      Again, I’m NOT saying that this is what they’re doing, but I suggest you keep it in mind if they come to you and suggest you spend more money on things such as traffic packages or coaching.

  14. I have also come across this scam through a facebook advertisement and almost bought into it myself. I have created a website the old fashioned way and I am going to stick with it after reading this review and watching the video. Thank you so much for informing us on this scam.

  15. I too found out about my income connection through an add on facebook. I just signed up for the 5 day trial and paid $1.95 for the privledge. I started setting up the website which basically flogs off items from amazon. I logged off and went to log back on to the site but I can no longer get access. Now that I have read reviews about my income connection I am terrified off having my bank account wiped. I rang their customer service number to cancel and have currently left a voicemail msg. I hope they call back. I don’t know how else to cancel my account with them. Can any one help????

    • I called them several times and it went straight through to voicemail. I called today and got through and they have said they cancelled it. I too could not log back in.

  16. thank you i just singed my girlfriend up for the 1.95 promo. and just paid them 9.95 for the name Ginnie so i am still within the 5 day’s before they charge me 29.95.
    this is the time to get out. thank you wayne

  17. hi,
    i have stupidly signed up for income connection. paid my 1.95 and now i realise this is not for me. and very worried about the consequences on my bank account. also have given them my phone number and address. can anyone tell me if they have had any money taken from account after cancellation. i am at the moment trying to cancel but am unable to get through. can your bank stop them taking this money out??
    please let me know

    • Gemma,

      That’s something you need to discuss directly with your bank.

    • Hi, I’m currently trying to cancel the payments through my bank, but they say I need to contact the company? Can anyone give me a UK contact no, or a link to their site? I have nothing saved on my PC after all my bookmarked pages expired!?

      • Hi Emma. I just cancelled mine after the 5 day Period. The UK Toll- free contact number is: 0808 234 3438. Remember to call them after about 3pm though, because of the time difference. Also, you can try logging in to yourBack Office at if you can remember your Username and Password. Hope you can get them! Good luck!

  18. Hi guys,
    Anybody sign up for this in Australia? I think I stupidly deleted the confirmation email they sent me! I want to call them up about cancellation, but obviously I cant even remember how to log in or the http://www.. silly me.. anybody know how to get back on to the main homepage where they give you the option to set up your website etc? Because it was a website that stemmed off my income connection. Also, has anybody got the toll free number for Australia? Any help would me much appreciated! Thank you!

    • this the no for autralia1800-350-467.i try to call to cancel my accnt coz im worried maybe they take money from my bank accnt after i cancel my accnt in my income connection

  19. Or ANY of their numbers? It’s like my emails have disappeared or something- SO bizarre, and I want to cancel ASAP after I have read all these posts! HELP!

    • I found this for the U.S.:

      To access your website, a nominal charge of $1.95 USD is needed for us to know that you are a real person. Upon payment, you’ll receive instant access to your very own website for a 5-day trial-enrollment. After your trial-enrollment expires, in order to keep your website active and available on the internet, you agree that your card will be charged $29.95 per month for hosting and maintenance. There are no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. You may cancel anytime simply by calling our office toll-free at (888) 230-2892.

      But if they don’t cancel within 48 hours I’d file a dispute with your credit card company.

  20. Jess Bud says:

    Thank-you, I learnt some valuable tips that I’ll DEFINITELY use in the future. And, you helped me avoid getting scammed.

    Cheers :)

  21. Julie Duncan says:

    Hi, I so wish i had seen this before i so foolishly went ahead. I lost my Job and a lot of money due to unknowingly buying a meth lab – in desperation i was tying to generate an income so i could survive – I saw this advertised on face book and thought i would give it a try. I am a professional person and cant believe I feel for it but guess financial hardship can cloud your reasoning . I did not see the bit about the monthly charges and have lost money but not achieved anything – when i contacted the company they did not want to know – Thank you for this site – hopefully it will help innocent people from being ripped off by this scam – they should not be allowed to continue – keep up the good work Juls

  22. I worked for them and its a scam. They make millions off taking advantage of people that need a job. None of their clients ever make money. They just sell you search engines and traffic to a site that never actually pay for it self

  23. I honestly dont know. I dont even think its real traffic to be honest. its really cheap. The bigger packages include training and you should see their trainers, They are a bunch of $10 per hour rejects that have no clue what they are doing . its just a big scam and a hoax

    All I can say is avoid them like the plaque

  24. by the way look up OHN. They are the same company to and they are a huge scam as well.

    There office is located in phoenix arizona the address is 3320 w cheryl dr suite B-240 phoenix az 85051

    The owners are tim thomas, eric anderson and forest web

    • Thanks, Johnny

      Just looked that up – Online Hosting Network – looks like these guys have tons of other sites they operate as well.

      One of the posts at ComplaintsBoard references these sites as being potentially connected to them:

      Any of those look familiar to you?

      • Yes. Nethostassn and Elite World Systems are part of the Online Hosting Network. Some people have taken big hits from the former, and the other is a site that gets hold of your credit details through others without you giving permission.

  25. Yep, they use different names when they start getting blogged to much. If they where a legit company where a person could actually make money online they would not have all this negative things about them every where. Just another example of how the richer get richer and poor get poorer.

    • The only bright news is that law enforcement has finally started cracking down on some of the affiliate networks that play a major role in facilitating this type of stuff – although apparently not this one – yet. It’s pretty pointless to only go after the main companies/”Product” owners, because – as you’ve noted, they just switch from one to another after being shut down.

      If anybody wants to file complaints with the appropriate law enforcement agencies, I have detailed instructions here:
      File Complaints

  26. I came across this website and i thought its a real sydney legit news article and guess what! everywhere you click in the site will take you to “my income connection. Please do not fall in this trap. My income connection is a scam. theres no way you would earn money in this site. they were saying that they are affiliated with amazon, sony and and you need to purchase their training for a ridiculous price. you can set up a full website lesser than the cost they are offering . Read up people!! NETCOADMIN.COM is their back office and its just a proxy. will appear in your billing and if you google it. it will show you the people that have a lot of problem in this site coz they take your money in your account monthly without your consent. DO NOT SIGN UP IN MY INCOME CONNECTION. THIS IS A SCAM

  27. Paul Barkley says:

    OK, I sort of fell for this. I suspected a scam, but was prepared to risk $1.95, and the dubious (now fake I realise) countdown clock obviously puts the pressure on. I have now read these reviews and others (Yahoo answers and

    I will now be contacting the bank to cancel the card before any more payments are taken. I certainly have no faith in being able to cancel through the company concerned given what I have now read.

    Currently they are using calling themselves Home Working Connection and are certainly connected with Elite World Systems (mentioned above).

  28. Kelly Timmons says:

    luckily i told the guy i had to ask my partner if it was ok that i sign up for this and give it a go before i give him my credit card number or else i would be calling to cancel right now. wow you guys are amazing. thanks so much! needs to be more people like you in the world! cheers.

  29. I was going to sign up but something just didnt sit well! I read the small print etc etc..and was taken from one site to another to give my details. I wanted to know before giving details who they I clicked on the link to read the BBC report and was taken 7x to the same site asking for card details, which I thought was odd. (I did give my contact Name, address and email but nothing else). so I decided to google the company and see what comes up about them..and low and behold..I was taken directly to this site! So thankyou for your insight and backing up what I always believed: I should always trust my GUT INSTINCT…thank you again :)

  30. I joined the elite world systems 2 months ago. They build you your website and you sell products from You have to pay $30/month to maintain your website. It seems real but I wasn`t making any money because you need to get traffic to your siteand advertising, etc. It`s too complicated. I called to cancel and they told me the guy who does the cancelling left 2 hours ago but they will write a note and it will be cancelled the next day. I notice my website was still up after 2 days and I called back and they said they cancelled everything and it will take a week to take the site down. Its been 2 weeks now and its still up. I can still log in to the back office where they have all my information. If its been cancelled, then why can I still access everything. I think the longer the site is up, they will continue to charge me. When I call them, they have no explanation. Legit or Scam? I`m not sure…… but I would definitely stay away if your thinking about joining. Don`t sign up, you will get stuck somehow!

  31. I’ve just seen an ad here in Australia for “Income at Home” which has been advertised through “Infobreak” – a big marketing company here. I went onto the website and it looks suspiciously like the “My Income Connection” website, e.g. same big logos same wording advertising the product without actually saying what it’s about etc…

    I’m very concerned because Infobreak is quite respected here, they generally market products like insurance and telecommunications, so it would be easy to lure people into this scam.

    I’ll certainly be telling anyone who’ll listen to give it a wide berth but surely something else can be done to stop them?

  32. Can someone please help me????
    These people have my bank details and I dont even know what ive signed up for. someone phoned me today an american woman saying that they noticed that I hadnt activated my account yet but that they would send me an email to get me started. What am I to do?
    Are they charging me for anything or not? I feel rather afraid that I have been scammed though it was a very genuine national newspaper that I seen the link to this “work from home” website in.

    Here is what Genesis Consulting Group is doing.

  34. hi thankyou for alerting me of this. I signed up 2 days ago and after reading your blogs I cancelled
    my account. They had my credit card details. I rang the bank and they have stopped any overseas
    transactions being put on my card. As i am from New Zealand. so hopefully its the last i will hear
    from them.

  35. Hi everyone….thanks for the insight.

    I’ve recently signed up…and have spoken to few of the reps including Nick. I’ve since played with the back Office and done some of my own updated the site, outside of their training guides. Yes…they tend to ring back and ask for further $$ upgrades…and in my recent conversation, I refuse to pay due to the fact 1) no-one seem to be listening to my situation 2) the offer was the same as last paid upgrade which the additional tools etc as promised never add-on.

    My initial request was that …I simply wanted to grow my online earnings and then reinvest % back into further grown, considering that I’m all new to Online business.

    I do remember seeing a money back guarantee refund period, but couldn’t find it in my email listing…anyone knows or has link?

    Yes, cancelling CC is much easier via your Bank.

  36. I was actualy in th phone last nite with th guy called Nick from genesis consulting .Phew guys this is unbelievable I gave out my address,phone no and worse bank details.When he tried to sign me up for €2400.00 training corse my bank declined it.he asked me to call th bank quick before they change th card details,wch I ddnt n thank God it ddn go through!he was so persistent n I’m sure he used voodoo,how can I be so silly,All thanx to my bank!

  37. Charlotte Ford says:

    I typed in my boyfriends personal information in but did not enter any of his bank details. Because they had our telephone number the company rang us up and this american guy basically managed to persuade my boyfriend into doing this 5 day trial despite him telling them that he did not have the time to do this sort of thing. Reading all of these comments im guessing its a scam, so should i be worried now they have my boyfriends bank details and what should i do? Ring up and cancel? deactivate the account? Somebody help me please!!!

  38. Yep – they are still at it – they just got me yesterday. I also clicked through but then did not confirm when I saw the monthly fee. They then telephoned me at Home and the ‘Nice Lady’ convinced me. So I have paid the $2 they have my bank details and I spent a couple of hours on there today. I then get telephoned at home today to be talked to rudely by a man Corey – telling me unless I will spend a couple of hundred pounds on advertising I will not make money and I am not suitable for their programme that has thousands of happy customers making lots of money. So I am going to be on the telephone to them tomorrow to make sure this is cancelled. How are they still getting away with this?

  39. I did not agree to giving them any money and the man was very rude about it. He told me you can just about pay an electricity fee for a month with $30 so what do I expect for that! so I told him exactly – I will cancel and put that $30 towards my electricity bill! Is there a website or something where you can put a complaint in about this company?

  40. Stephen Bond says:

    OMG, please help me !!..ive been such a fool to get scammed by these people (igenesis consulting group) Ive paid them £3,400.00 to get set up with this scam,, I phoned them and they convinced me it was all good and sent me a further Document to sign and promised me 150.000 visits to my website as a good will gesture to stay with “The Program”. My wife has gone histerical !!, and im now feeling suicidle….never thought I would get caught by something like this..I feel sick and very stupid, they also put on the bottem of the invoice that “This will satisfy my request for a refund….and I understand i will continue with the Program”……, Ive informed my Bank to stop any further payments to them, Ive just about had it with this Evil Twisted World……………

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