Online Cash Commissions Review Of Red Flags

Like many other websites offering you the chance to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a daily basis, the Online Cash Commissions website also makes use of bold red words to emphasize its so-called “business opportunity”. If you go to their official website, you will instantly be greeted by a message that goes like this:

“If you can spare 60 minutes a day, we can offer you a certified, proven and guaranteed home job to make up to $379/day from home.”

To make things even more exciting, the website will also congratulate you and further inform you of the number of ‘slots’ or ‘positions’ available in your area. And like most of the other programs that have used this marketing gimmick, it will use a low number that will make you think that you have to grab the opportunity or someone else will be taking your place.

Online Cash Commission Seems To Be Related To “Profit From Home”

I put out a warning about a program called Profit From Home in June of 2013. I checked the source code of the Sandra Miller work at home site and noticed that “Profit From Home” is still showing up in the coding as you can see below:



Of you want to see the original Profit From Home Warning, Click here. Now, the fake persona Sandra Miller has replaced the fake persona Megan Jackson.

How To Stear Clear Of Hundreds Of Scams

If you want to avoid a huge number of online scams, you can easily do so by avoiding the most common fake persona’s that are used for them. I’ve put a list of the more popular ones here: Fake Bizop Names A to Z.

Why Are Sites Like Online Cash Commissions So Pervasive?

Basically, the entire Online Cash Commissions sales process is based on half-truths. Unfortunately, the site leaves out the most important facts that you need to know about the type of business Online Cash Commissions claims to offer.

The most insidious half-truth that the site uses is claiming that  they offer a training program that will make people a ‘Search Engine Agent’. There is no such thing as a “Search Engine Agent”. However, there is such a thing as affiliate marketing, which does involve some link placement, but not at all in the way that Online Cash Commissions would like you to believe.

If you want to get the facts about making money via affiliate marketing, you may want to read this page.

The Expensive Coaching Trap

Programs like Online Cash Commissions are essentially “lead generation” programs to get you to try to talk to a sales person who will try to get you to buy expensive coaching that you don’t need.  This is why the site claims that you will get a “Free One-On-One Consultation With A Success Advisor.” It’s simply a gimmick to get you to talk to a salesperson.

The Bottom Line: Avoid Online Cash Commissions!

Sadly, sites like Online Cash Commissions scam and other similar unscrupulous sites have resulted in a multitude of individuals hating the work at home industry. Nobody can blame them, because they have been robbed of their hard-earned money. While you should beware these sites, you should also know that there are several other legitimate ways to make money from home.

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Theresa Andrews Work From Home

If you have encountered one  of the Theresa Andrews Work From Home sites, then this page will help you understand what they are all about.

Who Is Theresa Andrews?

All of the sites I’ve seen using this name are highly questionable sites that tend to lead to a great deal of complaints. The name Theresa Andrews itself is simply a made up name that the creators of the site want you to believe is a work at home mom generating home income doing simple “link posting”.

There are several different images used for Theresa Andrews. All of the ones I’ve seen are stock photos. Click Here to see one of the stock photos commonly used for her.

Guaranteed Placement?

Many of these sites will claim they can guarantee you placement as a “link poster” or what they call a “Search Engine Agent”.  First of all, there’s no such thing as a “Search Engine Agent”. Second of all, because they are actually talking about affiliate marketing where you work for yourself as an independent contractor selling products and services from other companies, there’s no way they can “guarantee” you placement.

So What Is This Theresa Andrews “Home Income” Opportunity Really All About?

The real purpose of sites like these is to get your phone number and to get you to talk to a high-pressure, hard-sell sales person who will try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Typically, the sales person will make all kinds of promises and refund guarantees to you, but when you sign the actual contract for the so-called coaching and other services, none of those promises and guarantees will be in the contract. That’s so when you figure out that you want to try to get your money back, it will make it very difficult for you to do so.

If you’ve had experience with one of these types of sites, please post your experience and/or questions in the comments section below.

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Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training Tips

If you’re looking for affiliate marketing training you probably already know that affiliate marketing has become one of the most common methods of making money online. And shouldn’t it be? After all, it creates a win-win situation both for the merchants and their affiliates. Through affiliate marketing, merchants get their products promoted at a much cheaper rate and affiliates get to earn while promoting products for their merchants.

If you have just joined the affiliate marketing fraternity, you probably already know that much can be achieved within the industry, but only if you give it your all. You will have to work hard and truly be dedicated to your business.

And you likely already know that there’s something else you need in addition to perseverance and dedication; skills. Without the necessary skills, your hard work and patience are useless. That is why you must get proper affiliate marketing training before getting started in this type of business.

Affiliate Marketing Training Tips

Tip #1 – Don’t Be A Blog Comment Spammer

One way you can spot potentially BAD affiliate marketing courses is by checking blogs and seeing if affiliates are posting links IN their comments. That’s a sure sign that an affiliate is getting bad training and hasn’t been properly trained on blog commenting etiquette. The same goes for forums.

In fact, I would STRONGLY recommend you stay away from ANY courses or tutorials where you find affiliates posting their links within the comments as any experienced affiliate marketer knows that is considered affiliate marketing spam. And my guess is that you don’t wan to be labeled as a spammer.

Where To Find Reliable Training

If you’re wondering how to find a reliable source for learning affiliate marketing, you’re one step ahead of the crowd. There is a great detail  of training that is garbage, promising easy riches with no work, or claims that you can make money by just “pushing a button”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The main thing I’ve tried to convey to people is to always BOOTSTRAP their affiliate marketing business as much as possible, which is why most of the affiliate marketing training I recommended in the $20 – $50 range and would not lead to ridiculous upsells of hundreds of dollars.

Make Sure The Product Provides Refunds Easily

The main difference you’ll want to look out for when researching REAL training is whether or not the teacher’s style resonates with you, how good the support is, and having a refund policy that makes it EASY to refund.

You should ALWAYS note the refund period, too. Even the best training isn’t right for everyone. Even though I recommend specific products on this site such as  Niche Blitzkrieg, all of the products I recommend are only “systems” and certain personalities just don’t mesh with certain systems.

This is particularly significant when you are paying for your training. You don’t want your money to go to waste, do you? Another thing you need to keep in mind while looking for the RIGHT training is that although there are plenty of programs that cover the basics, only a few of them are actually good for beginners. Others could just be trying to rob you off your money. So, the next time you come across an over hyped training resource that promises you profound riches, run as fast as you can.

Put Your Training Into Practice

Now you know just where to find affiliate marketing training programs and which one to choose. But just choosing a course is not enough, you need to put your training into practice or else all the time and money you put into learning affiliate marketing will go to waste.

You should also bear in mind that there is no such thing as an “end” when it comes to training. Training programs might end, but your training won’t. There are many things that keep changing in the world of affiliate marketing and you have to stay in tune to stay ahead. Also make sure you don’t take everything that comes your way. Choose only those changes that might be useful to you. With the right training and the right approach to training, you will significantly increase your odds of succeeding in this type of business.