Online Cash Commissions Review Of Red Flags

Like many other websites offering you the chance to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a daily basis, the Online Cash Commissions website also makes use of bold red words to emphasize its so-called “business opportunity”. If you go to their official website, you will instantly be greeted by a message that goes like this:

“If you can spare 60 minutes a day, we can offer you a certified, proven and guaranteed home job to make up to $379/day from home.”

To make things even more exciting, the website will also congratulate you and further inform you of the number of ‘slots’ or ‘positions’ available in your area. And like most of the other programs that have used this marketing gimmick, it will use a low number that will make you think that you have to grab the opportunity or someone else will be taking your place.

Online Cash Commission Seems To Be Related To “Profit From Home”

I put out a warning about a program called Profit From Home in June of 2013. I checked the source code of the Sandra Miller work at home site and noticed that “Profit From Home” is still showing up in the coding as you can see below:



Of you want to see the original Profit From Home Warning, Click here. Now, the fake persona Sandra Miller has replaced the fake persona Megan Jackson.

How To Stear Clear Of Hundreds Of Scams

If you want to avoid a huge number of online scams, you can easily do so by avoiding the most common fake persona’s that are used for them. I’ve put a list of the more popular ones here: Fake Bizop Names A to Z.

Why Are Sites Like Online Cash Commissions So Pervasive?

Basically, the entire Online Cash Commissions sales process is based on half-truths. Unfortunately, the site leaves out the most important facts that you need to know about the type of business Online Cash Commissions claims to offer.

The most insidious half-truth that the site uses is claiming that  they offer a training program that will make people a ‘Search Engine Agent’. There is no such thing as a “Search Engine Agent”. However, there is such a thing as affiliate marketing, which does involve some link placement, but not at all in the way that Online Cash Commissions would like you to believe.

If you want to get the facts about making money via affiliate marketing, you may want to read this page.

The Expensive Coaching Trap

Programs like Online Cash Commissions are essentially “lead generation” programs to get you to try to talk to a sales person who will try to get you to buy expensive coaching that you don’t need.  This is why the site claims that you will get a “Free One-On-One Consultation With A Success Advisor.” It’s simply a gimmick to get you to talk to a salesperson.

The Bottom Line: Avoid Online Cash Commissions!

Sadly, sites like Online Cash Commissions scam and other similar unscrupulous sites have resulted in a multitude of individuals hating the work at home industry. Nobody can blame them, because they have been robbed of their hard-earned money. While you should beware these sites, you should also know that there are several other legitimate ways to make money from home.

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  1. Victoria says

    Thanks for posting this. i was heavily pressured to agree to commit to a cost of 10,000 dollars by one of Sandra Miller’s associates,, and I said no because of the pressure more than anything being a red flag. The sales director admitted that the testimonials were true but the names were fake, and that no-one would take the course if they knew ahead of time that they’d have 10,000 debt all of a sudden to pay back monthly.

  2. Margie says

    I signed up for the online cash commissions because of an email sent to me. It played a broadcast of a Cherry Hill single mom and how she was so successful with that. I am dying to have a Work at Home opportunity being a caregiver. Anyhow, it was broadcasted by very credible news outlets such as NBC, CNN and ABC. Perhaps their investigative reporters or consumer reporters should have checked it out. So as I was going through the materials, it certainly did not turn out to be so easy. There is tons of material to go through and you have to talk to a so called one-on-one coach of some kind. They offered free website. It just looked ridiculously overwhelming. When you go through their webiste there is just too much reading material promising and promising success, another red flag. So I called right back and requested my money back which they did agree to. They claim there is a 60 day money back guarantee but I said no thanks. Thenk you for your article.

  3. Stasia says

    I am a victim of the Sandra miller/ online cash commissioner scam, is their any way I can get my money back?

  4. tami says

    yes you can get your money back.I work at PNC in the fraud department.any transaction you make on your debit or credit card are call them immediately you let them know that you did not make this purchase and you did not authorize this purchase. you tell them that they told you you would have 60 days or 90 days or 120 days…whatever and that they charged you immediately…these transactions are insured they’re called chargebacks you call immediately don’t over explain you tell them you did not authorize the charge. And you get your money back..thanks have hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance sitting in an account for these transactions you are covered..get your money back!!

  5. Martha says

    Thanks for your research and advice. I was about to loose my money with the so call Sandra Miller.

    You have mentioned here the NOT RECOMMENDED websites or companies. My question is, Can
    you recommend a trust-able companies to work online? A real company who offer real work at home? I know that is my dream and the dream of many other moms.


  6. Jim Ferguson says

    They claimed that you could get paid for setting up links for companies and get paid $15 to $20 dollars per link and it would only take you approximately only 3 to 4 minutes to set up a link. Then they sight you could average 15 links per hour. The problem, which they do not tell you, that you actually have to set up an individual website for each link. Then you have to start advertising your web site in hope somebody clicks your web site and you are able to pass the business. There is a whole lot of cost, experience that they claim you don’t need. Yes, you can set up a website if you know what your are doing. If you don’t they give you very little info on just how to do that. The non-knowledgeable person, is probably talking many days to finally get everything set up, plus a lot more cost. SCAM-SCAM-SCAM

  7. Dixie says

    I have also been scammed by Sandra Miller. What number do I need to call to get my money back? This is ridiculous

  8. Casandra says

    Thank you so much! I was so close to clicking submit on the Stephanie Hale cash academy one! Phew! I was wondering if you heard anything on the program by Cody Mitchell? Or any genuine work from home opportunities?

  9. Steve says

    I got into the online cash site, paid $77 for the course information and material not researching the whole thing before hand only to find out the ads they posted were lies. However, the material does make sense and it does provide you with real sites to Affiliated groups to share links with. It certainly makes everything seem easier than it probably is but that is marketing 101, right. They tell you to call the number to speak to someone who will guide you. I did this and got through to a company called Wealthonimics who apparently are there to educate you and get you up and running so that you can provide testimonials to their success rate. I looked up this company and found nothing negative about it (still looking to make sure). Deeper into the discussion they get to the fees and costs of educating you. Now that seems disappointing but I have to admit that if someone is going to train you how to make a lot of money shouldn’t they be paid? My feeling is that there is a lack of transparency but ultimately they are offering something to someone for a price. The price is unexpectedly high – $7-15K depending on how they set you up for the amount of money you want to make. That is where they lost me. Their idea is that the more you pay the more money they say you can make with their training. Seems like an odd way of training people.

  10. Sara says

    They also say you have to wait the 30 trial period to get your money back, even though they already charge your account. I waited the 30 days like an idiot. Now Im worried Ill never get my money back! Any advice on that?

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