Make Money Posting Links On Google Scam

Over the last year alot of buzz (mostly negative) has came out about sites that claim you can make money posting links on Google.  A word of warning straight out of the gate:  Do not fall to the temptation to even try programs that tell you you’ll make money by posting links on Google.

Let me explain this in a little more detail.

There are 2 ways to get links to show up on Google’s search engine and that’s it.  The first way is organically.  The second way is to pay for a link using Google Adwords.  If you’ve ever seen those advertisements at the top and right side of the screen on the Google search engines, those are Adwords links.

Let’s first talk about Google Adwords.  This is the paid way to get links to any website listed on Google.  It’s also the easiest and the fastest way.  However, it cost money and I do not recommend doing this for beginners.  The object is to show up on the first page of Google.  Most beginners who try to market using Adwords fail and end up spending alot more than they make.

There are many factors that will help you rank when doing PPC (pay per click – a.k.a. Adwords) marketing on Google.

#1.  Quality Score: This score is a combination of several factors that include your landing page and more importantly the title and keywords that are on your landing page.  There are other factors that are involved but those are the basics of it.

#2.  Price: How much you’re willing to pay per click.  Some words cost more, some less.  If your quality score is low you’ll spend more for your clicks.  If the keywords you’re bidding for are very competitive you’ll spend more as well.  If you’re quality score is low and you’re in a competitive field, Good Luck!

So that’s one way to get links on Google.  The next way is organic.  This means to rank you’re site naturally in the rankings without paying for the clicks.  It would be impossible for me to sufficiently explain how to get and profit from free search engine traffic (visitors) in this post. If you like that idea better than the idea of paying to get traffic from Google and other search engines you might consider taking a look at a system like  Niche Blitzkrieg that guides you step by step and has a helpful forum for you in case you get stuck.

Organic is a much cheaper route to go unless you are having someone do all the work for you.  As I mentioned earlier in the post if you’re a beginner you should steer away from PPC until you know what you’re doing.  Once you understand how to rank organically in the search engines and understand the concepts PPC shouldn’t even be an option.

I want you to keep in mind that these are the only ways to get your links in Google.  Any system out there that is being promoted that all you have to do is post links on Google to make money is, in my opinion, not worth even looking at.  Systems like Niche Blitzkrieg teach new folks how to rank organically and make money.  Once you’ve mastered a course like that and learned how to design your site and get found in the search engines you can consider starting a PPC campaign.  Getting your links posted on Google can actually happen but not the way many programs are telling you it can.

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  1. How to determine a certain site or program if it is a legit or a scam? Because I came accross a site saying that they are giving Free $50-$150 Paypal Money plus $10 rebate if you live in US/Canada. Everybody can evaluate this site if this is legit or scam?

    Thank you.

  2. Figured all these were a scam, but my question is, why are so many of these major sites not pulling these scam advertising off their sites? So sites like is just as guilty for propagating these scams.

  3. Google has started banning advertisers running certain types of scams.

    And now sites running Google Adsense can block advertisers through their review center. I’ve started doing that, but they don’t have it set up very well.

    It’s still worth it to me to block them though as it’s ridiculous to write about certain scams and then have ads for them show up on this site.

  4. Chris L says:

    What really gets me is how legit websites ie: and can run these scam ads knowing that the people using their services are looking for legitimate work and not pull the scam ads from their sites?

  5. hi, i read through all the comments and websites, i just ordered my “Kit” expecting it in a few days. Any advise or seemed a little odd when i first seen it, but whatever, its only like 3 dollars i’d be losing…..i was sure of my decision to do this, until i read this page….what should i do???…..thank you,
    ~Desperate For Work!!~

  6. Thank you so much for this site and your list! When I saw one of these sites on Craigslist, I knew it was too good to be true, so I did my research and ended up here. If more people would take a few minutes to do a quick search and find out that these are scams, maybe the scammers would get put out of business. Unfortunately, with these economic times, many people are desperate for a quick fix and will try anything.

  7. I just got three questions 1)How often 2)How Easily 3)How much do you get paid>

  8. So Paul if all of this is true about these scams what is the best work at home programs? becasue it is getting harder to determine which is ligit and which is scam.Do you know which is which?

  9. James you can take a look at that might resolve your question.

  10. Which one is “best” is somewhat subjective, but what I’ve done is looked at questions that people ask here at WorkAtHomeTruth and find products that fit the general demographics of the visitors at this site.

    Most people visiting WorkAtHomeTruth tend to be either fairly new to running a home based business OR have been burned at least a few times by home business scams.

    That’s why I review the products to make sure they are truly suited for someone just starting out and are low-cost or free.

    There is a Top 10 home businesses list here based on the preceding criteria.

    And there is a section of other recommended home business sites here some of which offer some form of free training.

    The main issue I’ve seen with some of the free training is that it often offers TOO much information and is likely to completely overwhelm somebody new to the point where they’ll just give up and not do anything at all.

    Two of the low-cost products I’ve found that are much more focused than most products are discussed in the following sections of this site:

    Niche Affiliate Marketing Winner


    Beginners Affiliate Marketing System.

    You’ll see that those sections are set up so you can ask specific questions about those products and you’ll see a lot of great questions that have already been asked that might help you make a decision or possibly formulate additional questions if you seek out information from other sites.

    Also, remember, you are always welcome to ask about any product at all in the Work at Home Truth forum here where you’ll see people doing that.

    I can’t always guarantee how long it will take to look at them, but I do work on going through them – some of them are pretty easy to figure out as to their legitimacy, whereas others take more time.

    I also have a section in the forum about some tools to use when investigating sales letters for work at home/home business products, although for some people that information might be too technical.

  11. Nelson Horne says:

    Dude be serious is this shit a scam. Cause im just like you tryin to get money and really need to no.

  12. Dude is this shit a scam. Cause im just like you trying to get PAID.

  13. It’s all a buch sh–! There’s no easy way to make money!

  14. Here is the link that got me.

    I am usually pretty good at catching these things. Not only do they charge you 1.97 for shipping the “Google Kit”, which I have yet to receive, they sign you up for 3 other BS services, which will automatically charge you after 5 days if you do not cancel.

  15. Catherine says:

    Thank you for your site! I fell for the Google thing 2 years ago and have seen the fake newspaper story, so I decided to research it and landed here. Also, thank you SO much for the legitimate programs that you recommend. I’ve been slowly looking for something that I can start now and grow so that in a year, I can be able to stay at home with my future children. I love the whole home business idea, but do you review any work at home data entry type jobs as well? I’ve found and I know someone who uses it, but I don’t want it to be one of those things where I transcribe an instructional video for 15 minutes for a $.02 payout. Thanks for all you do!

  16. Thanks for the comments, Catherine

    I do cover data entry work from home here, but I also explain why it’s so hard to get even the legitimate data entry work – primarily because you are competing with people from other countries who are willing to work for as little as $1.50/hour.

  17. Paul

    Glad I found you here. So many people are in need of information in order to make real money online.These scams hurt all who are legit, and take from the needy. Nice Work and a ton of great information.

  18. so what to do if i already put my information n submitted it!?

  19. If you don’t want the product, you’ll need to check the Terms & Conditions for how to cancel.

    If the company doesn’t honor your cancel request you’ll have to file a dispute with your credit card company or talk to your bank.


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