Maverick Money Makers is not…

Update: Someone posted here recently and made me realize I completely left out some important information regarding MaverickMoneyMakers.

And that is that the philosophy of WorkAtHomeTruth is for you to be as self-funding as possible – in other words to make money with low-cost low-risk methods BEFORE spending money on monthly subscription products like MaverickMoneyMakers.

Think about it. Full membership for 1 year in Maverick Money Makers will cost you $1,164.00. Whereas you can get unlimited support – including a very active and helpful forum –  from a great product like Niche Blitkrieg here for a ONE-TIME cost of $47.  In other words you’ll be paying $1,117.00 LESS, getting high quality support and using a system to build income that is LESS RISKY and can be used to leverage into other forms of advertising LATER. Kind of seems like a no-brainer when you think of it that way, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, I keep getting questions about Maverick Money Makers. In fact I got so many questions about Maverick Money Makers I thought it was a bit strange…especially since Yanik Silver had recently launched a product called Maverick Business Insider.

Let me be very clear about this, Maverick Money Makers is NOT Maverick Business Insider.  And as far as I can tell it’s a complete coincidence that the two sites launched around the same time as the site was registered on September 4, 2008 and the site was registered on October 16, 2008.

I can’t really comment on Yanik’s MaverickBusinessInsiders’ course as I didn’t have time to review the first months material he sent. In general, most of Yanik Silver’s materials are of very high quality, but I’m not going to recommend something I haven’t reviewed first hand.

There certainly have been a fair amount of negative comments about Maverick Money Makers and anytime I see the old “As Seen On” claim my red-flag alert goes up. Usually it just means the company BOUGHT ADVERTISING in those places.

8/13/2009 Update: How “limited” is “limited”?

I just noticed this paragraph on the MaverickMoneyMakers:

Also, my staff and I can only handle giving personal one-on-one support to a limited number of new members at any given time in this program. That is why if you want to get in, I advise you to sign up now, today, before spots become unavailable again. “

So what is MaverickMoneyMakers considering “limited”? This seems to be a pervasive problem, as I just did a Mass Money Makers review of it’s sales tactics which covered the same sort of thing.

Of course, I’m willing to concede that if there have been no MaverickMoneyMakers complaints then it’s posible that it doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t seem probable that it’s limited as I’ve seen so many affiliate reviews of MaverickMoneyMakers.

Now, I should state that I’m ASSUMING that any domain starting with the keywords MaverickMoneyMakers is probably an affiliate site. I just did some quick research and turned up what looked like close to 3000 domains starting with either MaverickMoneyMakers or MaverickMoneyMake.

The following is just a SHORT list of them.

  • MaverickMoneyMakers | allday | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alldays | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alley | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alliance | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | allied | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | allies | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | allin | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | allstars | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alltime | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | ally | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | aloha | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alon | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alone | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alpha | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | also | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | alumni | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | always | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | amber | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | ambition | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | america | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | amp | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | an | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | andco | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | andme | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | andmore | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | andshakers | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | andyou | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | angel | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | annex | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | annual | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | answer | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | answers | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | ante | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | antigua | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | anton | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | anytime | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | anywhere | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | aone | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | apex | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | aplus | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | apple | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | apply | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | apprentice | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | approach | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | apps | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | aquire | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | ar | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arcade | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | archive | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | are | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | area | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arecool | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arehere | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arena | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | areok | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arerich | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | aresuccessful | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | areus | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | areview | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arewe | .com
  • MaverickMoneyMakers | arewealthy | .com

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  1. I wrote a full review on the maverick money makers club. Maybe this will help.

  2. OK. I pulled off the other review that was posted.

    Carl actually did a good review there that covers BOTH the downside and upside. You might want to look at it in addition to the links I posted at the top of the blog.

  3. I read Carl’s review i think it makes some good points. It’s just basic internet marketing. It doesn’t mean that it’s a get rick quick scheme or anything like that if you put in the work you will get results its as simple as that, everyone knows that you can make an insane amount of money promoting products but not everyone is willing to do the necessary work which is pretty much the same thing in any real life venture. I was looking for more reviews and found this it has some more info on MMM and some more visuals so you can see what you get.

  4. The ReviewoPedia review is decent enough, but if you’re gonna buy the course I still say Carl’s review clobbers any of the reviews I’ve seen so give the man his well-deserved props and buy Maverick Money Makers through him.

  5. Mack gives you the critical pieces, and it is up to you to give it your own personality and direction with the other tools and training he provides. After all, you are an entrepreneur.

  6. proven techniques that work maverick has really helped me

  7. I just noticed one thing in Carl’s review that probably isn’t accurate – although I think I know where he’s coming from.

    He states:

    “There are other programs that are just as good or maybe a bit better but the bottom line is, this is the only one with a refund policy.”

    That’s simply not true, but there was a course teaching CPA marketing recently that got a lot of flack about it’s refund policy, so I’m guessing he may be referring to that.

    Again, I’m not recommending or not recommending the course, but I still think his review is the most levelheaded one I’ve seen.

  8. Ahhh, I meant that it is one of the only ones with a refund policy. Let me fix that right now. Thanks for catching that for me. :)

  9. I love the Maverick Money Makers Club I owe a lot of my success to Mack

  10. There is definitely a lot of controversy on the subject.

    I’ve seen somebody’s review where they expose all the lies behind MMM. For instance MMM owner claims his website has been around since 1997. In fact his title reads: “The Original Money Making Club Since 1997″ Where in reality MMM domain was registered on Sep 3rd 2008.

    Also all of the supposed endorsements such as “CNN, CNBC, CBS News” are claimed to be bogus as well by someone who’s done some extensive research into that.

    It gets even better. The guy whose picture you see on MMM website is not his real photo, neither is his name Mack Michaels. It’s a completely fictitious name. And etc…

    Sounds like a scam to me.

  11. Thanks, Alex

    I’ve never really looked into MMM.

  12. I would say that MMM is second to Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of both and they have there good and bad points.

    Depending on your individual skills as far as learning you might find MMM to be easier since it is all video instruction.

  13. Maverick Money Makers The Original Money Making Club For Making Money Online regardless of your level of experience!

  14. Everybody is talking about Maverick Money Makers. I know many people making money from it.

  15. i just saw this MMM today.. at first i was amazed, with all those money and stuffs..i am curious.. but i am still thinking whether it is scam or not.. $97 is still huge amount.. even though it says that i can refund the money.. still i have doubts..

    so any testimonials?

  16. Watch The Video on my review site for a complete Insiders view of what you get on the inside. You get to see everything before you buy it..

  17. Hey Paul, after a subscriber asked me about MMM, I did some research on it and found besides the usual favorable reviews given by affiliates, there was some really honest feedback by actual users that proved otherwise.

    After what I found, I won’t really recommend MMM to anyone. The commissions are nice but I won’t feel comfortable doing it.

    I would like to share my research with your readers if you permit me.

    Read my review of Maverick Money Makers here.



  18. maverick was the only one that didnt scam is easy 2 use and i could call the customer support whenever i needed help.and the video tutorials were a big help also…

  19. Yep. Maverick Money Makers works and it has been working for me. The link above explains.

  20. i signed up with this maverick money makers thing a few weeks ago. i think the videos are pretty cool, one of the easiest. i hated the whole affiliate marketing thing, it sounded like “pimping” myself out there. im giving this one a shot though :)

  21. junkman mike says:

    I am looking around for other streams to supplement income i do not need to make a fortune i am into the ebay thing and enjoy it alot but am always looking to learn more, mmm and affiliate marking is something that has interested me but i am a total novice and need to be spoon feed for awhile and i like the idea of video teaching until i get a grasp. so thankyou all for your input.

  22. Mike,

    You might want to look at this discussion on niche marketing. I bet with your experience on eBay you’d be able to find some interesting niche angles.

  23. junkman mike says:

    Thankyou again, i truely like your sight i have been poking around in it the past couple of days, what i am finding is there are so many approaches to affiliate marketing and so many opinions on who is honest and who is not that i do not know who to believe. I would just like to start with a sight who can teach me the from the ground up and help me make just enough money to cover the fees (monthly member fees, and pay per click fees,) until i learn enough to become more bold and try to really make something, with the ultimate goal of around a $1000 a month and i hope to find that in your site as i am becomeing more trusting in your site. Thanks

  24. Mike,

    That’s a very sensible goal. You might want to read this:


    …which actually goes into some reasons I don’t recommend someone start with PPC marketing – but eventually I would HIGHLY recommend it.

  25. junkman mike says:

    thankyou again, i am looking into the site and have downloaded the free book and if i join i will use the link provided so you get the credit. i should not say if i join rather when. (gotta start somewhere)

  26. Great Mike,

    You can always ask questions at the forum here, too:

    Work At Home Truth forum.

  27. I also have site which has a review of the Maverick Money Makers program. Whats even cooler though is there’s a video that shows you how to get an $18 discount to anyone interested. Not bad for someone looking to try it out for a month.

    Maverick Money Makers

  28. For some reason the link isn’t clickable, the website is

    • @Jacob Wilkins: Jacob, so you’re tlling me that you’re paying $97/month for Maverick Money Makers and you haven’t learned how to post a clickable link from them? That’s a tad scary. Hopefully the Maverick Money Makers training isn’t to blame for that – or do they not cover that in their training?

      • @Paul (Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth): What is this about $97.00 per month for Maverick Money Makers, I thought this was a one time price? Did I miss some fine print?

        • @dan: On the sales page it says:

          “I will lock you in at this low investment of $97 per month for life. If I start charging a higher membership fee in the future, it will not apply to you. Your investment today will grant you full training and access to the exclusive Maverick Money Makers membership at this massive discount. You’ll also have ongoing access to the members area and all of the continued updates, additional training, and free bonuses for only $97 per month if you choose to remain a member.”

          And when I clicked through to the order form it said:

          “TODAY’S PAYMENT: $97.00
          Includes the first 30 days of service.

          FUTURE PAYMENTS: $97.00
          Future payments billed monthly.”

          It’s not a product I recommend, but if someone is completely new to online marketing it seems like they have better options that aren’t as pricey.

  29. There’s a quite lengthy discussion about Maverick Money Makers here:

    Maverick Money Makers – Scam or Real Deal (note, this was also referenced in Jay’s BizChoice review).

  30. Hi,Jacob Wilkins

    click tro this link…you can find here

  31. I personally love the Maverick Money Maker program. I’ve been using the program for the past six months and have added so many new avenues of income to my bottom line because of it.

  32. Hmm, looks like the Maverick Money Makers review that BizChoice referenced has disappeared. It’s now a 404 page.

    There’s another interesting discussion of Maverick Money Makers here

  33. Maverick Money is actually pretty helpful, but you need to know a few things before you buy!

  34. OMG!!!!
    you are all fools!

  35. It is just multi level marketing scam , just like herbalife and others, once u pay for this, the only chance to get som money is to promote this one site :) and get referalls like someone got you :)

  36. FoolMeOnce says:

    This program is a rehash of “Mack”s previous program…when he was using the name Chris Luck. I’m not saying it’s all crap info, but it’s very basic at best. I was a member at the beginning, and went back a while later to see what I was missing. The short answer is…nothing. I got my money back both times and have never bothered with it again.

    Can you make some money? Sure, if you can fight off all the other affiliates trying the same things that the site has told you to do.

    Can you make a lot of money? I seriously doubt any members are pulling in 6 figures using these basic IM techniques.

  37. Maverick Money Makers is the intermediate used to help you achieve your goal through step-by-step video tutorials and private members community area wherein you will experience a full contact to different tools and hands-on trainings. Anyhow, keep up the good work spreading truth.

  38. Thanks for the post. I didn’t have any interest in Maverick Money Makers anyways, but I do like to see what is out there and what people are saying about it. I will say this; whether or not the product is any good, I ran into one of their sales letters, and their copy was pretty killer until I clicked on the testimonial video.

    There was just a bunch of blokes that weren’t making any money that were stoked because they thought they might. Hilarious.



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