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If you’ve seen my warnings about other programs similar to the Mary Johnson Online Riches University work at home program, you probably already know that you should avoid it. If not, here’s what you need to know:

The Testimonials Are Fake

Not only are the testimonials fake, but the same testimonials have been used by sites that have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission! Take a look at my post called “Fakest Of The Fake” here to see how often the fake testimonials used by Online Riches University have been used by home business scams and work at home scams.

The Header Is Misleading – Here’s Why:

Online Riches University Header

Online Riches University Header

The header states that “Work From Home Jobs” have been featured on:

  • Fox News
  • USA Today
  • abc
  • CNN

However, a statement claiming work from home jobs have been featured on those news outlets has nothing to do with the Online Riches University program itself.

Online Riches University Is Promoted By Fake News Sites

The Online Riches University program is being promoted by Fake News Sites. Even if a fake news site discloses that it’s an advertisement, you should be extremely skeptical about any program these fake sites promote.  I’ve been tracking fake news sites since 2008/2009 and I’ve NEVER seen a legitimate work from home or home business program promoted by a fake news site.

You can see the most recent fake news sites I’ve been tracking at my post Sites To Avoid In 2014.

Mary Johnson Is One Of The Most Commonly Used Fake Bizop Names

Mary Johnson is a fake name commonly used to promote home business (Bizop) scams.  If you want to see additional fake names commonly associated with home business scams, check out this list of fake bizop names.

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  1. Amy Christensen says

    I should have read this before trying online riches university. I realized it was a scam almost immediately but that was only after they got my 97.00. Having trouble getting my refund, any suggestions?

  2. Emily Bernstein says

    Thanks Paul, for the information, it is invaluable….

    Have you ever researched SFI(Strong Future International) or TC(TripleClick)…I would be interested to know what you find.

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